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Wake up, folks, this is no ordinary newsletter!

We announce the availability of one martian, two lunar, and 19 other special meteorites among the 449 ANSMET meteorites classified in this newsletter. The first seven meteorites classified from the 1994 collection include QUE94201, a new basaltic shergottite, QUE94269, a lunar anorthositic breccia paired with QUE93069, and QUE94281, a new lunar basaltic breccia. Other 1994 meteorites of special petrologic type are an E6 enstatite chondrite and two C2 carbonaceous chondrites from the new site at Lonewolf Nunataks, and a howardite from Queen Alexandra Range. The tail end of the 1993 collection also revealed some small treasures. These are one howardite, four mesosiderites, one pallasite, two C2, and two CV3 carbonaceous chondrites, two E4 and three L3 chondrites. Get your consortium plans ready. The small size of many of these meteorites will require careful planning of requests and allocations.

Information on the U.S. Collection of Antarctic Meteorites

Number of meteorites: 7645
Number of meteorites classified: 6898