AMN 40,1 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 40 No. 1 – February 2017

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
LAR 1205657.0LL6 ChondriteA/BA3025
LAR 1215659.2EH3 ChondriteAA/B0-7
LAR 1219616.6H6 ChondriteAA20
LAR 122156.6H6 ChondriteB/CA/B1917
LAR 12241126.0LL5 ChondriteAB/C3125
LAR 12244131.2EH3 ChondriteA/BA0-3
LAR 1227976.9EL6 ChondriteA/BA0-1
MIL 130023691.3H5 ChondriteBB/C1917
MIL 130082060.8L5 ChondriteA/BB2321
MIL 13011730.3L5 ChondriteB/CA/B2521
MIL 130320.6CV3 ChondriteA/BA1-21-2
MIL 130344.4H4 ChondriteBA193-18
MIL 130370.2CM1 ChondriteA/BeA
MIL 1303939.5H4 ChondriteB/CA1716
MIL 130590.7LL5 ChondriteA/BA2925
MIL 130630.2CM1 ChondriteA/BA/B
MIL 130650.1CM2 ChondriteA/BA1-52-7
MIL 1310026.8L6 ChondriteA/BeB/C26
MIL 1310111.1H5 ChondriteB/CA/B21
MIL 1310236.9L6 ChondriteA/BA/B26
MIL 1310341.5L6 ChondriteB/CA/B2321
MIL 1310446.5LL5 ChondriteBeB3025
MIL 1310537.4H5 ChondriteB/CA/B20
MIL 1310615.9H6 ChondriteB/CA19
MIL 1310737.7H6 ChondriteCeB2018
MIL 1310824.6L5 ChondriteBA/B25
MIL 1310912.6H6 ChondriteCeA20
MIL 1313016.8LL6 ChondriteA/BA28
MIL 1313111.4H6 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 1313311.7H5 ChondriteB/CA/B21
MIL 1313415.6L6 ChondriteBA25
MIL 1313511.7H6 ChondriteA/BA18
MIL 131360.8CK3-6 ChondriteBA18-34
MIL 131370.5CM2 ChondriteBA1-471-4
MIL 131383.6LL5 ChondriteBA2924
MIL 131409.0LL5 ChondriteBeA2824
MIL 131413.6LL4 ChondriteBeA2824
MIL 1314217.3LL6 ChondriteBA/B28
MIL 131442.3H6 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 1314510.6L5 ChondriteB/CA26
MIL 1314610.4H6 ChondriteB/CA/B19
MIL 131472.3L6 ChondriteB/CA/B25
MIL 131486.6H6 ChondriteB/CA21
MIL 1314942.5H5 ChondriteBeA/B21
MIL 131500.6L5 ChondriteA/BA25
MIL 131511.0H4 ChondriteB/CA/B1817
MIL 131521.8EH3 ChondriteB/CA/B0-1
MIL 131531.1H6 ChondriteB/CA/B18
MIL 131540.7L5 ChondriteA/BA/B25
MIL 131551.7LL4 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131561.6L6 ChondriteB/CA25
MIL 131570.8LL5 ChondriteA/BA29
MIL 131581.7H6 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 131592.0H6 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 131605.3H6 ChondriteCA/B18
MIL 131613.7H5 ChondriteCeA/B18
MIL 131625.0H5 ChondriteB/CB/C19
MIL 131635.0H5 ChondriteCA20
MIL 131645.2L5 ChondriteCB/C26
MIL 131655.4L4 ChondriteCA/B2522
MIL 1316616.6L5 ChondriteCeA25
MIL 1316710.2LL5 ChondriteA/BB2924
MIL 131685.7L5 ChondriteCB25
MIL 131692.0CM2 ChondriteBeA/B0-67
MIL 131701.8H5 ChondriteBA`19
MIL 131711.1LL4 ChondriteA/BeA2825
MIL 131721.2LL4 ChondriteA/BA30
MIL 131732.5L5 ChondriteB/CA25
MIL 131742.6MesosideriteBeA/B28-57
MIL 131751.3L6 ChondriteBA26
MIL 131763.3H5 ChondriteB/CA/B20
MIL 131772.9LL5 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131781.5H6 ChondriteB/CA/B21
MIL 131790.3L6 ChondriteBA2622
MIL 131801.1UreiliteBA12-1311
MIL 131810.8L6 ChondriteBA26
MIL 131821.4L5 ChondriteB/CA2623
MIL 131830.1LL6 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131840.9L6 ChondriteBA25
MIL 131851.1H5 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 131860.5LL4 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131880.9LL5 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131892.7L6 ChondriteB/CA25
MIL 131901.9L4 ChondriteBA26
MIL 131914.6LL4 ChondriteBA29
MIL 131922.4LL5 ChondriteBA/B29
MIL 131937.6H6 ChondriteB/CA19
MIL 131945.5H5 ChondriteB/CA21
MIL 131956.7H4 ChondriteBA/B2017
MIL 1319610.7H6 ChondriteB/CA/B19
MIL 131988.4H5 ChondriteB/CA/B1917
MIL 1319911.2H5 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 132102.2L6 ChondriteBA25
MIL 132110.5EH3 ChondriteA/BB1-3
MIL 132133.2H6 ChondriteB/CA18
MIL 132141.5CO3 ChondriteB/CB1-281-2
MIL 132156.1H5 ChondriteBA20
MIL 132161.2LL4 ChondriteBA/B29
MIL 132172.5H5 ChondriteBA19
MIL 132182.0H6 ChondriteCB20
MIL 132191.2H5 ChondriteCB20
MIL 132200.6L6 ChondriteB/CA25
MIL 132211.0H5 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 132221.4LL5 ChondriteA/BA30
MIL 132230.7L5 ChondriteA/BA25
MIL 132240.7LL6 ChondriteA/BA29
MIL 132260.7EH3 ChondriteA/BA/B0-1
MIL 132272.2L5 ChondriteA/BA25
MIL 132283.3LL5 ChondriteBA2825
MIL 132293.9H5 ChondriteB/CA/B20
MIL 132301.8L6 ChondriteB/CA26
MIL 132310.8H5 ChondriteBA18
MIL 132320.3L5 ChondriteBA26
MIL 132330.1CM2 ChondriteBA0-2
MIL 132340.7H5 ChondriteBA/B20
MIL 132351.5LL6 ChondriteBA2924
MIL 132360.7L4 ChondriteBA2521
MIL 132371.0H6 ChondriteB/CA20
MIL 132380.4LL6 ChondriteBA28
MIL 132391.5H6 ChondriteB/CA19
MIL 132400.9LL5 ChondriteBA30
MIL 132410.6CV3 ChondriteA/BeA/B1-26
MIL 132420.8H5 ChondriteA/BA/B19
MIL 132430.6L5 ChondriteA/BA26
MIL 132440.2H6 ChondriteA/BA20
MIL 132450.4H6 ChondriteA/BA20
MIL 132462.2LL5 ChondriteBA29
MIL 132475.5CK6 ChondriteB/CA36 
MIL 132485.5LL3.5 ChondriteBA1-3712-19
MIL 132497.1H6 ChondriteB/CeA/B21
MIL 132501.5L6 ChondriteCB26
MIL 132513.8L6 ChondriteBA/B26
MIL 132522.2H6 ChondriteB/CB20
MIL 132530.9L5 ChondriteA/BA/B25
MIL 132541.1LL5 ChondriteA/BA30
MIL 132550.3H5 ChondriteA/BA20
MIL 132560.4H5 ChondriteA/BA18
MIL 132571.8H5 ChondriteBB20
MIL 132581.0L5 ChondriteA/BA/B25
MIL 132590.6LL5 ChondriteA/BA31
MIL 1326012.4LL4 ChondriteA/BA/B2715-23
MIL 132617.7L6 ChondriteB/CB25
MIL 132624.1L6 ChondriteCA/B26
MIL 132640.6LL5 ChondriteAA/B29
MIL 1326511.5H6 ChondriteA/BB20
MIL 132663.0H6 ChondriteA/BA20
MIL 132673.5H6 ChondriteBA/B20
MIL 132680.8LL5 ChondriteA/BA2924
MIL 132691.2CM2 ChondriteAeB/C1-471-12
MIL 132701.9H6 ChondriteB/CA/B20
MIL 132711.1LL5 ChondriteA/BA28
MIL 132722.0H6 ChondriteB/CA19
MIL 132731.4L6 ChondriteBB25
MIL 132741.0H6 ChondriteA/BA/B21
MIL 132750.4L6 ChondriteA/BA/B25
MIL 132762.9H5 ChondriteBA/B19
MIL 132770.5L6 ChondriteA/BA/B25
MIL 132782.2H6 ChondriteB/CeA21
MIL 132791.2LL6 ChondriteB/CA/B29
MIL 1331124.3L4 ChondriteCA/B2421
MIL 1331226.4H6 ChondriteBeA/B2018
MIL 1331323.1H5 ChondriteCA/B20
MIL 1331410.3H6 ChondriteBA18
MIL 133151.5EucriteAB/C26-62
MIL 133160.9CM2 ChondriteAB1-452
MIL 133201.4CK5 ChondriteA/BB34
MIL 133211.8CM2 ChondriteA/BeB1-36
MIL 133222.6CM2 ChondriteA/BeB2-132-6
MIL 133233.7CK5 ChondriteBB32
MIL 133242.3CM2 ChondriteBeB1-38
MIL 133251.1CM1 ChondriteA/BA/B
MIL 133261.8CM2 ChondriteA/BB1-466
MIL 133270.7H5 ChondriteB/CeB1917
ALH 15575107.6H5 ChondriteB/CA/B1917
MIL 1502934.0CM2 ChondriteBB1-691
MIL 15031237.3CM2 ChondriteBB/C1-4423
MIL 150819.1CM2 ChondriteA/BA1-2
MIL 152314.9CM2 ChondriteBA/B1-42
MIL 1530818.2CM2 ChondriteB/CB1-51
MIL 15328320.6CR2 ChondriteBB/C1-332-4

Classification of the ordinary chondrites in Table 1 & 2 was done by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopic (EDS) methods using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This can include the analysis of several olivine and pyroxene grains to determine the approximate Fayalite and Ferrosilite values of the silicates, grouping them into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries on broken surfaces of a 1-3 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)