AMN 42,1 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 42 No. 1 – February 2019

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
Magnetic Susceptibility
MIL 15035SEM 315.4L6 CHONDRITE BA/B24214.770
MIL 15036SEM 182.6L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B24224.490
MIL 15037SEM 169.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CB18175.090
MIL 15038SEM 196.7L6 CHONDRITE CeA25224.650
MIL 15039SEM 378.3L5 CHONDRITE BB24204.830
MIL 15041SEM 432.8L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.810
MIL 15042SEM 207.5L5 CHONDRITE B/CB24214.430
MIL 15044SEM 198.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25204.550
MIL 15045SEM 191.6H6 CHONDRITECA17165.210
MIL 15046 189.9LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B31253.660
MIL 15047SEM 399.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.230
MIL 15048SEM 484.2L6 CHONDRITE B/CA26214.740
MIL 15049SEM 142.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA18175.370
MIL 15086SEM 41.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26214.690
MIL 15100SEM 2.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.010
MIL 15103 7.7H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.680
MIL 15109 3.6LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B30254.190
MIL 15120SEM 190.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CB24214.720
MIL 15121SEM 66.9L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.310
MIL 15122SEM 89.4H6 CHONDRITEBA/B19174.790
MIL 15123 55.7CV3 CHONDRITE BA/B0-74.220
MIL 15124SEM 85.6H6 CHONDRITEBA/B20175.250
MIL 15125SEM 41.4L6 CHONDRITE CA/B24214.400
MIL 15126SEM 43.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.570
MIL 15127SEM 84.1H4 CHONDRITE B/CA204.950
MIL 15128SEM 67.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA24224.480
MIL 15130SEM 15.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.330
MIL 15131SEM 6.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA19175.040
MIL 15132SEM 15.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.990
MIL 15133SEM 17.3L5 CHONDRITE B/CeA25214.530
MIL 15134SEM 25.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.830
MIL 15135SEM 24.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25204.400
MIL 15136SEM 17.3L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.470
MIL 15137SEM 15.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19175.060
MIL 15138SEM 7.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.970
MIL 15139SEM 8.1L5 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B254.560
MIL 15140SEM 9.6H5 CHONDRITE CA19175.070
MIL 15141SEM 5.9H5 CHONDRITE CA19174.640
MIL 15142SEM 8.5H5 CHONDRITE CA19174.960
MIL 15143SEM 7.7L6 CHONDRITE CA25204.470
MIL 15144SEM 8.6H6 CHONDRITECA19175.070
MIL 15145SEM 4.8H5 CHONDRITE CA19175.050
MIL 15146SEM 8.4L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.470
MIL 15147SEM 6.1H6 CHONDRITEBB19175.180
MIL 15148 3.9CV3 CHONDRITE A/BA0-513.720
MIL 15149SEM 7.4H6 CHONDRITECA19174.880
MIL 15150SEM 2.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA19174.920
MIL 15151SEM 3.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.940
MIL 15152SEM 6.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19164.740
MIL 15154SEM 3.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.330
MIL 15155SEM 3.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.310
MIL 15156SEM 1.8H6 CHONDRITEBA19174.620
MIL 15157SEM 3.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.940
MIL 15158SEM 3.4L5 CHONDRITE B/CeA25214.420
MIL 15159SEM 4.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B18175.130
MIL 15163 30.4LL4 CHONDRITE BA28234.070
MIL 15170SEM 3.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B18165.070
MIL 15171SEM 2.9LL5 CHONDRITE BA/B30223.970
MIL 15172SEM 7.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B18165.050
MIL 15173 5.2L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25204.480
MIL 15174SEM 1.8L5 CHONDRITE BA25204.570
MIL 15175SEM 4.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.420
MIL 15176 5.3LL4 CHONDRITE BeA28234.190
MIL 15177SEM 3.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA18165.120
MIL 15178SEM 5.9H6 CHONDRITEBA19175.000
MIL 15179SEM 3.0H5 CHONDRITE BeA/B20174.810
MIL 15182SEM 7.9H5 CHONDRITE B/CA18165.050
MIL 15183SEM 6.2L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.490
MIL 15184SEM 3.6H5 CHONDRITE B/cA19175.170
MIL 15185SEM 2.6L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.460
MIL 15186SEM 3.8LL6 CHONDRITE BA294.250
MIL 15187SEM 1.6LL6 CHONDRITE B/CA28244.070
MIL 15190SEM 18.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19174.910
MIL 15191SEM 4.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19174.990
MIL 15192 12.4CV3 CHONDRITE BA1-1113.670
MIL 15193SEM 1.9H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19174.950
MIL 15194SEM 3.8LL6 CHONDRITE A/BA29224.110
MIL 15195SEM 3.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.160
MIL 15197SEM 4.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20175.180
MIL 15198SEM 1.9L6 CHONDRITE B/CeB25214.310
MIL 15199SEM 4.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B23195.050
MIL 15200SEM 5.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA18175.020
MIL 15201SEM 6.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25205.000
MIL 15202 3.4L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA/B24204.520
MIL 15203SEM 8.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20184.990
MIL 15204SEM 3.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA18174.960
MIL 15205SEM 6.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19175.130
MIL 15206SEM 7.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.980
MIL 15207SEM 10.8L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25215.020
MIL 15208SEM 9.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19185.070
MIL 15209SEM 5.8L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.520
MIL 15210SEM 12.8L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25224.770
MIL 15211SEM 29.3L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.480
MIL 15212SEM 21.8L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.730
MIL 15214 12.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B18164.660
MIL 15215 22.3H6 CHONDRITECA19175.080
MIL 15216 27.1H6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B19175.000
MIL 15217 9.4L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25204.690
MIL 15218 26.6H6 CHONDRITECA/B19175.000
MIL 15219 21.8H6 CHONDRITECA/B19175.140
MIL 15220 4.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25194.820
MIL 15221 4.0L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.450
MIL 15223 2.8H4 CHONDRITE B/CB18164.770
MIL 15224SEM 4.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.180
MIL 15226 1.7H5 CHONDRITE BA21175.170
MIL 15227 2.5CV3 CHONDRITE BA1-1413.880
MIL 15229 2.9CV3 CHONDRITE BA0-1114.010
MIL 15240 5.4CV3 CHONDRITE A/BA1-80-13.860
MIL 15241SEM 9.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25205.010
MIL 15247 7.4CV3 CHONDRITE A/BA1-1324.180
MIL 15260SEM 7.9H6 CHONDRITECA20163.960
MIL 15261SEM 10.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.460
MIL 15262SEM 8.7H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19175.050
MIL 15263SEM 7.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA23184.860
MIL 15264 4.5CV3 CHONDRITE A/BA1-91-33.810
MIL 15265 5.6CV3 CHONDRITE AA0-613.850
MIL 15266SEM 4.3H6 CHONDRITECA20184.980
MIL 15267SEM 3.0H6 CHONDRITEBA18174.750
MIL 15268 4.0CV3 CHONDRITE B/CA0-913.780
MIL 15269SEM 6.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.830
MIL 15270SEM 3.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.080
MIL 15271SEM 4.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA204.950
MIL 15273SEM 2.5L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.490
MIL 15275SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.110
MIL 15276SEM 8.8L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B264.700
MIL 15278SEM 1.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20185.080
MIL 15279 3.4H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.230
MIL 15282SEM 14.7H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19185.190
MIL 15283 40.4H6 CHONDRITEBA/B20185.070
MIL 15284SEM 16.1H6 CHONDRITEBA/B20175.220
MIL 15285 39.7LL4 CHONDRITE A/BA28234.230
MIL 15286SEM 34.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA174.930
MIL 15287SEM 20.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.640
MIL 15288SEM 40.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B204.830
MIL 15289SEM 21.1H6 CHONDRITECA19175.040
MIL 15290SEM 2.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.920
MIL 15295SEM 6.3H5 CHONDRITE BA20175.130
MIL 15296SEM 2.4H5 CHONDRITE BA21185.240
MIL 15297SEM 6.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.530
MIL 15298SEM 1.9H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19175.080
MIL 15307 37.6CK5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B334.490
MIL 15310SEM 222.4LL5 CHONDRITE BA/B28244.840
MIL 15311SEM 130.4LL6 CHONDRITE BA/B28234.620
MIL 15312SEM 108.1H6 CHONDRITEBA/B19174.950
MIL 15313SEM 114.5L6 CHONDRITE BA214.740
MIL 15314SEM 85.1LL5 CHONDRITE A/BB29244.180
MIL 15315SEM 86.9L5 CHONDRITE BA25214.740
MIL 15316SEM 49.2H5 CHONDRITE CA/B19175.040
MIL 15317SEM 45.8H6 CHONDRITECA20185.230
MIL 15318SEM 56.8H6 CHONDRITECA20185.040
MIL 15319SEM 68.9H5 CHONDRITE CA19174.970
MIL 15320SEM 50.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.100
MIL 15321SEM 27.9L6 CHONDRITE BA25224.660
MIL 15322 29.3EH3 CHONDRITE B/CA/B0-10-24.660
MIL 15323SEM 26.4L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25204.640
MIL 15324SEM 40.3L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.540
MIL 15325SEM 13.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B18164.900
MIL 15326SEM 11.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19174.980
MIL 15327SEM 33.2L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.630
MIL 15330SEM 11.1LL6 CHONDRITE BA/B29234.180
MIL 15331SEM 7.7H5 CHONDRITE B/CB19174.710
MIL 15332SEM 6.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.560
MIL 15333SEM 4.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.490
MIL 15334SEM 4.5H4 CHONDRITE B/CA20195.310
MIL 15335SEM 11.5H6 CHONDRITEBA/B21174.990
MIL 15336SEM 9.0L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.550
MIL 15337SEM 10.6L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24204.810
MIL 15338SEM 16.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.910
MIL 15339SEM 16.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20185.150
MIL 15341SEM 13.9LL6 CHONDRITE B/CA30253.660
MIL 15342SEM 14.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19174.830
MIL 15343SEM 36.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19174.920
MIL 15344 22.1L4 CHONDRITE B/CA2618-234.140
MIL 15345SEM 21.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19154.980
MIL 15346SEM 16.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B22184.850
MIL 15348SEM 7.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19175.230
MIL 15349SEM 4.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.140
MIL 15360SEM 54.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.060
MIL 15361SEM 63.1H6 CHONDRITEA/BB19175.090
MIL 15362 42.6CHONDRITE UNGROUPED B/CA169-264.930
MIL 15363 21.5CV3 CHONDRITE B/CA1-813.690
MIL 15364 17.9LL5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B28235.070
MIL 15365 31.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20184.920
MIL 15366 41.0H4 CHONDRITE BA19174.210
MIL 15367 45.8H6 CHONDRITEBB20174.980
MIL 15368 66.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20175.040
MIL 15369SEM 40.1H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA174.970
MIL 15385SEM 89.5H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19175.230
MIL 15386SEM 54.7L6 CHONDRITE BA/B22205.100
MIL 15387SEM 104.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CB21174.920
MIL 15388SEM 84.7L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.770
MIL 15389SEM 62.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA21164.960
MIL 15440SEM 6.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.720
MIL 15441SEM 3.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20175.250
MIL 15442SEM 3.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA24204.210
MIL 15443SEM 1.7L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.470
MIL 15444SEM 2.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.580
MIL 15445SEM 1.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.170
MIL 15446SEM 4.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.540
MIL 15447SEM 5.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20185.060
MIL 15500SEM 11.5L6 CHONDRITE CA25214.360
MIL 15501SEM 9.5H5 CHONDRITE CA/B20184.760
MIL 15502SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITECA/B19174.420
MIL 15503 14.4H5 CHONDRITE CA19174.830
MIL 15504SEM 15.4H6 CHONDRITECA20174.230
MIL 15505SEM 8.8H6 CHONDRITECA/B20175.020
MIL 15506SEM 12.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B24214.430
MIL 15507SEM 10.7H6 CHONDRITECA185.080
MIL 15508SEM 8.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20184.850
MIL 15509SEM 16.1H6 CHONDRITECA19174.940
MIL 15511 10.3CV3 CHONDRITE A/BA1-53.670
MIL 15515 5.3L3.5 CHONDRITE BA5-371-184.200
MIL 15516 3.3CV3 CHONDRITE AB0-513.680
MIL 15519SEM 3.6LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B30244.060
MIL 15520SEM 6.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA185.190
MIL 15521SEM 5.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19174.860
MIL 15522SEM 2.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.980
MIL 15523SEM 6.6H4 CHONDRITE BA20145.090
MIL 15525SEM 6.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA18164.760
MIL 15526SEM 2.8LL5 CHONDRITE BA29214.250
MIL 15527SEM 2.8L6 CHONDRITE A/BA24204.750
MIL 15529SEM 5.1H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19175.260
MIL 15541SEM 3.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20184.960
MIL 15542SEM 4.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.940
MIL 15543 3.6LL4 CHONDRITE CA28223.960
MIL 15544SEM 5.4H5 CHONDRITE CA204.830
MIL 15545SEM 6.2LL6 CHONDRITE CA27224.570
MIL 15546SEM 3.0L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25204.530
MIL 15547SEM 5.6H6 CHONDRITECA19175.070
MIL 15549SEM 7.0H6 CHONDRITECA19175.200
MIL 15560SEM 3.6H6 CHONDRITECA20184.990
MIL 15561SEM 4.7L5 CHONDRITE CA25214.830
MIL 15563SEM 3.6H6 CHONDRITECA18175.070
MIL 15564SEM 2.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19185.030
MIL 15566SEM 2.1H6 CHONDRITECA20184.980

Classification of the ordinary chondrites in Table 1 & 2 was done by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopic (EDS) methods using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This can include the analysis of several olivine and pyroxene grains to determine the approximate Fayalite and Ferrosilite values of the silicates, grouping them into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries on broken surfaces of a 1-3 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)