AMN 43,1 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 43 No. 1 – February 2020

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
Magnetic Susceptibility
DEV 17280 44.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B27234.700
DEV 17281SEM 1.4H5 CHONDRITE A/BA195.140
DOM 18019 52.8CO3 CHONDRITE A/BB1-441-74.640
DOM 18069 35.9CO3 CHONDRITE A/BA1-414.730
DOM 18070 63.4CO3 CHONDRITE AA/B34.810
DOM 18293 8.3EUCRITE (BRECCIATED) AA/B30-632.870
EET 16001SEM 181.6L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.470
EET 16003SEM 220.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA17155.340
EET 16004SEM 265.3H6 CHONDRITEBA/B25214.780
EET 16005SEM 252.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BB25214.750
EET 16007SEM 84.1LL6 CHONDRITE BA/B28224.430
EET 16008SEM 90.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.520
EET 16009SEM 105.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.550
EET 16010SEM 114.3H6 CHONDRITEBA/B18165.180
EET 16011 90.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.770
EET 16012SEM 102.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24214.790
EET 16013SEM 79.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BB25214.750
EET 16014SEM 82.7L6 CHONDRITE BB26224.660
EET 16015SEM 52.1L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24204.510
EET 16017SEM 110.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.660
EET 16018SEM 55.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.640
EET 16019SEM 60.6L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.800
EET 16022 217.3L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.810
EET 16023SEM 337.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25204.680
EET 16024SEM 160.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.180
EET 16025SEM 122.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.500
EET 16026SEM 91.6L6 CHONDRITE BB25214.550
EET 16027SEM 59.5L6 CHONDRITE BB25224.680
EET 16028SEM 60.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.720
EET 16030SEM 24.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.600
EET 16031SEM 22.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.540
EET 16032SEM 31.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B26214.610
EET 16033SEM 17.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.690
EET 16034SEM 55.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.490
EET 16035SEM 28.1L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.660
EET 16036SEM 27.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.630
EET 16037SEM 18.4L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.610
EET 16038SEM 30.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24214.650
EET 16041SEM 70.6H4 CHONDRITE BA/B19174.550
EET 16042SEM 80.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.550
EET 16051 38.0H5 CHONDRITE A/BA19175.230
EET 16052SEM 28.2L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.600
EET 16053SEM 42.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.560
EET 16054SEM 25.3L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.690
EET 16055SEM 17.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.720
EET 16056SEM 36.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.730
EET 16057SEM 46.7H5 CHONDRITE BA20195.150
EET 16058SEM 24.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.370
EET 16059SEM 61.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.640
EET 16060SEM 11.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.580
EET 16061SEM 13.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.910
EET 16062SEM 12.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA224.720
EET 16063SEM 14.9H4 CHONDRITE BA/B215.230
EET 16064SEM 14.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA24214.700
EET 16065SEM 25.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24214.580
EET 16066SEM 29.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA254.540
EET 16067SEM 19.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.640
EET 16068SEM 22.8L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25204.600
EET 16069SEM 16.5L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.660
EET 16070SEM 17.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.710
EET 16071SEM 22.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.720
EET 16072SEM 23.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25234.600
EET 16073SEM 18.1L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.680
EET 16074SEM 19.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA24224.670
EET 16075SEM 23.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.720
EET 16076SEM 20.3L5 CHONDRITE BA25204.650
EET 16077SEM 17.8H6 CHONDRITEBA205.080
EET 16078SEM 6.7H6 CHONDRITEBA21185.220
EET 16080SEM 8.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.620
EET 16081SEM 10.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B254.720
EET 16082SEM 9.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B24214.880
EET 16083SEM 5.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.800
EET 16084SEM 14.1LL6 CHONDRITE BA/B28244.480
EET 16085SEM 16.2H6 CHONDRITEBA/B20185.130
EET 16086SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITEBA/B20185.190
EET 16087SEM 21.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.620
EET 16088SEM 25.2L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.580
EET 16089SEM 7.6L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.590
EET 16090SEM 32.4H5 CHONDRITE BA/B20185.020
EET 16091SEM 20.5L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.600
EET 16092SEM 32.2L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.510
EET 16093SEM 10.0LL5 CHONDRITE BA/B28254.460
EET 16094SEM 11.3L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.740
EET 16095SEM 9.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19185.270
EET 16096SEM 9.1L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B24214.650
EET 16098SEM 10.4L5 CHONDRITE B/CB25224.570
EET 16099SEM 10.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B26234.720
EET 16101SEM 16.2H4 CHONDRITE A/BA17165.100
EET 16102SEM 18.1L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.690
EET 16103SEM 14.0L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.580
EET 16104SEM 16.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.530
EET 16105SEM 12.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.650
EET 16106SEM 17.4L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.670
EET 16107SEM 12.4L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25224.720
EET 16108SEM 9.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.630
EET 16109SEM 10.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25224.700
EET 16110SEM 6.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.660
EET 16111SEM 4.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25224.930
EET 16112SEM 14.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.690
EET 16113SEM 12.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.560
EET 16114SEM 29.8H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.200
EET 16115SEM 8.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.730
EET 16116SEM 18.1L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B254.500
EET 16117SEM 10.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.740
EET 16118SEM 12.6L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25224.680
EET 16120SEM 4.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.040
EET 16121SEM 3.7L6 CHONDRITE BA26234.650
EET 16122SEM 5.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25215.060
EET 16123SEM 3.9H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.320
EET 16124SEM 8.2H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20195.280
EET 16125SEM 2.5L5 CHONDRITE BA25224.520
EET 16126SEM 4.2L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25224.670
EET 16130SEM 4.2L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26244.590
EET 16131SEM 4.5L6 CHONDRITE BA25224.600
EET 16132SEM 2.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.060
EET 16133SEM 3.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.980
EET 16134SEM 3.1H5 CHONDRITE BA20195.100
EET 16135SEM 4.0L5 CHONDRITE BA254.900
EET 16136SEM 3.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25224.690
EET 16137SEM 2.5L6 CHONDRITE BA25224.470
EET 16138SEM 2.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.060
EET 16139SEM 4.2L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.680
EET 16140SEM 1.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.010
EET 16141SEM 1.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.040
EET 16142 1.7L4 CHONDRITE BA2513-294.570
EET 16143SEM 2.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.690
EET 16144SEM 2.2LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B31273.570
EET 16145SEM 3.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.030
EET 16146SEM 2.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.020
EET 16147SEM 2.3L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25204.490
EET 16148SEM 1.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20175.190
EET 16149SEM 2.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20184.990
EET 16150SEM 3.6L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.710
EET 16151SEM 6.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.740
EET 16152SEM 5.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.680
EET 16153SEM 4.8L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.810
EET 16154 6.4L3.5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B1-269-224.440
EET 16155SEM 8.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.550
EET 16156SEM 5.5L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B254.750
EET 16157SEM 3.3L6 CHONDRITE BA/B264.640
EET 16158 4.1L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B27234.800
EET 16159SEM 3.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B26224.650
EET 16160SEM 3.6L5 CHONDRITE BA26224.610
EET 16161SEM 1.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.020
EET 16162SEM 2.4L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.670
EET 16163SEM 3.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20184.930
EET 16164SEM 2.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19175.060
EET 16165SEM 1.4L5 CHONDRITE CB244.560
EET 16166 4.0L4 CHONDRITE A/BA/B2413-204.680
EET 16167SEM 2.4H4 CHONDRITE CB19175.200
EET 16168 2.7ACAPULCOITE B/CB/C73-85.170
EET 16169SEM 4.5L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.850
EET 16175SEM 2.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.030
EET 16176SEM 2.4L6 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.700
EET 16177SEM 1.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.150
EET 16178 1.5CK5 CHONDRITE A/BA30254.780
EET 16179SEM 1.1L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26234.610
EET 16180SEM 1.1H6 CHONDRITEA20195.030
EET 16181SEM 2.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.030
EET 16182SEM 1.1L6 CHONDRITE A26224.550
EET 16183SEM 1.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA16155.060
EET 16184SEM 2.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.040
EET 16185SEM 1.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25204.550
EET 16186SEM 1.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA21195.000
EET 16187SEM 2.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20185.010
EET 16188SEM 1.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.040
EET 16189SEM 1.4LL6 CHONDRITE BA294.680
EET 16190SEM 4.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.060
EET 16191SEM 2.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA21195.030
EET 16192SEM 2.8L5 CHONDRITE B/CA27224.560
EET 16193SEM 1.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA22205.020
EET 16194SEM 3.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.630
EET 16195SEM 1.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.060
GRO 17002SEM 6.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CAB18165.160
GRO 17003 99.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CB20175.190
GRO 17005SEM 10.1H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.590
GRO 17007SEM 35.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19174.900
GRO 17008SEM 39.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B19175.190
GRO 17009 44.6L3.8 CHONDRITE BB6-233-244.390
GRO 17010SEM 17.6H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.167
GRO 17011SEM 12.4L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.438
GRO 17012SEM 9.3H6 CHONDRITEBA20175.130
GRO 17013SEM 16.8L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.430
GRO 17014SEM 11.1H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.140
GRO 17015SEM 11.1H5 CHONDRITE BA19175.300
GRO 17016SEM 30.5H6 CHONDRITEBA19174.840
GRO 17017SEM 23.7H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B17155.039
GRO 17018SEM 12.7L6 CHONDRITE BB25224.648
GRO 17019 3.2L5 CHONDRITE BA25214.637
GRO 17020SEM 59.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CB205.260
GRO 17021SEM 116.5H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19175.130
GRO 17023SEM 37.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.000
GRO 17024SEM 71.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.040
GRO 17025SEM 52.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B20175.100
GRO 17026 92.4L3.4 CHONDRITE BA6-263-173.780
GRO 17027SEM 87.9L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B26214.680
GRO 17028SEM 81.0L4 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.660
GRO 17029SEM 363.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CB20175.280
GRO 17030SEM 20.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA24204.717
GRO 17031SEM 25.2H6 CHONDRITEBA19164.857
GRO 17032SEM 35.9L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.600
GRO 17033SEM 26.7H5 CHONDRITE BA19174.970
GRO 17034SEM 16.7L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.540
GRO 17035SEM 25.6H6 CHONDRITEA/BA20184.820
GRO 17036 19.2LL4 CHONDRITE BA296-253.768
GRO 17037SEM 41.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.560
GRO 17040SEM 195.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.060
GRO 17041SEM 186.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA19175.150
GRO 17042SEM 133.9H6 CHONDRITEBa20185.140
GRO 17043 175.3H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19175.310
GRO 17044SEM 154.5H5 CHONDRITE A/BeA/B19174.980
GRO 17045SEM 158.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B20185.150
GRO 17046SEM 79.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B205.180
GRO 17047SEM 60.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B21195.080
GRO 17050 954.2H4 CHONDRITE BA193-175.120
GRO 17052 1578.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CeA25214.690
GRO 17053SEM 2502.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA25204.910
GRO 17054SEM 1168.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BeA25244.760
GRO 17055SEM 3192.1LL5 CHONDRITE BA284.210
GRO 17056SEM 524.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA/B25214.730
GRO 17057SEM 2144.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA25214.660
GRO 17058SEM 9485.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA25224.920
GRO 17061SEM 219.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B20185.150
GRO 17062 388.6H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19175.090
GRO 17065SEM 269.0H6 CHONDRITEBeB20193.104
GRO 17066SEM 142.3H5 CHONDRITE BB21195.200
GRO 17067SEM 275.5H6 CHONDRITEBA/B19195.300
GRO 17068SEM 174.8H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.170
GRO 17069SEM 114.9H5 CHONDRITE BeB184.420
GRO 17071SEM 184.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B19175.140
GRO 17072SEM 71.6H5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B20185.170
GRO 17073SEM 287.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20175.060
GRO 17074SEM 436.7H5 CHONDRITE B/CeB20175.170
GRO 17075 109.8H5 CHONDRITE BA/B18165.070
GRO 17076SEM 150.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.040
GRO 17077 101.7L4 CHONDRITE A/BA/B2413-204.880
GRO 17078SEM 104.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19175.140
GRO 17079SEM 111.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.120
GRO 17080SEM 138.9LL6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B28234.770
GRO 17081SEM 277.2L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26244.720
GRO 17082SEM 309.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.200
GRO 17083SEM 166.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B21195.100
GRO 17084SEM 121.3H6 CHONDRITEBeA205.050
GRO 17085SEM 40.8H6 CHONDRITEBB25214.797
GRO 17086SEM 109.8H5 CHONDRITE BeAB20185.122
GRO 17087 42.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25214.880
GRO 17088SEM 57.1H5 CHONDRITE A/BeA19174.978
GRO 17089SEM 40.5H6 CHONDRITEBeA20174.968
GRO 17090SEM 18.6L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.520
GRO 17091SEM 10.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.730
GRO 17092SEM 11.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B185.030
GRO 17093SEM 5.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA18164.780
GRO 17094 5.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CA19174.860
GRO 17095SEM 18.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.040
GRO 17096SEM 30.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CA26214.220
GRO 17097SEM 14.0H5 CHONDRITE BA19175.260
GRO 17100SEM 1168.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B25214.850
GRO 17101SEM 2811.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B20185.260
GRO 17103SEM 2703.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B20185.180
GRO 17104SEM 688.4L6 CHONDRITE BB25224.789
GRO 17105SEM 694.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA26224.690
GRO 17106SEM 250.8H6 CHONDRITEBA20175.105
GRO 17107 564.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BeA27234.660
GRO 17109SEM 467.6H6 CHONDRITEBeB/C185.140
GRO 17110SEM 6.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.100
GRO 17111 8.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.490
GRO 17112 16.3EH3 CHONDRITE B/CB0.50-14.950
GRO 17113 32.1L5 CHONDRITE BA/B26213.930
GRO 17114SEM 23.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CB18165.240
GRO 17115SEM 15.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B24214.750
GRO 17116SEM 32.9L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25234.360
GRO 17117 11.0H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.890
GRO 17118SEM 17.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.500
GRO 17120 91.4L4 CHONDRITE BeA/B24204.710
GRO 17121SEM 101.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B21205.250
GRO 17122SEM 136.2LL5 CHONDRITE BA28244.620
GRO 17123SEM 70.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA21195.040
GRO 17124SEM 24.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CA26214.490
GRO 17125SEM 39.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CB21195.070
GRO 17126SEM 32.9H6 CHONDRITEBA21195.040
GRO 17127SEM 26.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA25214.530
GRO 17129SEM 27.0L6 CHONDRITE BA25214.710
GRO 17130SEM 7.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20184.960
GRO 17131SEM 14.6L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B26224.230
GRO 17132SEM 8.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.790
GRO 17133SEM 14.0H5 CHONDRITE BB20185.140
GRO 17134SEM 14.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CB20184.810
GRO 17135 9.8L4 CHONDRITE A/BA/B2712-274.320
GRO 17136SEM 18.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CB21184.740
GRO 17137SEM 11.6H6 CHONDRITEBB18164.690
GRO 17140SEM 728.4L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25224.900
GRO 17141SEM 1189.0L6 CHONDRITE BeA/B25224.750
GRO 17143SEM 697.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA/B25214.820
GRO 17144SEM 160.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.460
GRO 17145SEM 186.2L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25214.730
GRO 17146SEM 290.1L6 CHONDRITE A/BB25224.880
GRO 17147SEM 250.3L6 CHONDRITE BeA/B25225.000
GRO 17148 189.8H5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B19175.180
GRO 17149SEM 136.3H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.970
GRO 17150SEM 64.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CB20184.920
GRO 17151 59.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.640
GRO 17152SEM 48.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA/B19175.020
GRO 17153SEM 82.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.170
GRO 17154SEM 50.3L6 CHONDRITE BeA/B25214.700
GRO 17155SEM 55.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.110
GRO 17156 40.9L4 CHONDRITE BA24204.640
GRO 17157SEM 69.3H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B21184.990
GRO 17158SEM 97.4H5 CHONDRITE BeA/B19174.920
GRO 17159SEM 85.5L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.690
GRO 17160SEM 76.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.180
GRO 17161SEM 65.6L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.610
GRO 17162 93.8L6 CHONDRITE BB24204.680
GRO 17163SEM 61.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20184.930
GRO 17164SEM 116.2H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA195.040
GRO 17165SEM 150.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA20185.240
GRO 17166SEM 174.1L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25224.590
GRO 17167 121.7L3.4 CHONDRITE BeA/B1-355-124.080
GRO 17170SEM 302.3H5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B19175.230
GRO 17171SEM 321.3H5 CHONDRITE BA/B19195.280
GRO 17172SEM 219.4H5 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B20185.250
GRO 17173SEM 473.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20195.250
GRO 17174SEM 94.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA19175.050
GRO 17177 65.8L3.4 CHONDRITE B/CeA5-363-174.330
GRO 17178SEM 89.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CB20184.120
GRO 17179SEM 93.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.050
GRO 17183 17.8L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25215.020
GRO 17184SEM 8.8H5 CHONDRITE BA20175.260
GRO 17187SEM 118.5L6 CHONDRITE BA25213.710
GRO 17190 25.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BB/C24204.860
GRO 17191SEM 29.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20194.980
GRO 17192SEM 46.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20195.050
GRO 17193SEM 25.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA21185.040
GRO 17194SEM 38.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20175.170
GRO 17196SEM 51.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA20185.220
GRO 17197SEM 19.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20174.830
GRO 17198SEM 34.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA20184.920
GRO 17199SEM 32.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA19174.980
GRO 17201SEM 87.2H5 CHONDRITE A/BA20185.210
GRO 17202SEM 74.3H5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B19175.226
GRO 17203SEM 81.3L5 CHONDRITE BeB26224.700
GRO 17204SEM 19.0H6 CHONDRITEBeA/B20184.809
GRO 17205SEM 48.3H6 CHONDRITEBeA20175.201
GRO 17206SEM 19.6H6 CHONDRITEBeA20184.967
GRO 17207SEM 6.5H6 CHONDRITEBA20175.062
GRO 17208SEM 8.2H5 CHONDRITE BeA20174.908
GRO 17209SEM 10.3LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B284.435
NOD 17220SEM 2.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA25205.230
NOD 17221SEM 1.6L5 CHONDRITE BA26224.440
NOD 17222SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITEA/BA20185.300
NOD 17223SEM 6.1H6 CHONDRITEBA20185.286
NOD 17224 5.0H5 CHONDRITE ABA18165.300
NOD 17225 10.0H4 CHONDRITE BA/B17155.282
NOD 17226SEM 7.1H6 CHONDRITEA/BA20195.186
NOD 17227SEM 4.8H5 CHONDRITE A/BA20185.187
NOD 17228 12.0H4 CHONDRITE BA/B17155.280
NOD 17229SEM 5.3H6 CHONDRITEA/BA21195.261
NOD 17230SEM 4.7LL6 CHONDRITE BB29244.579
NOD 17231SEM 4.2H4 CHONDRITE A/BB20185.320
NOD 17232SEM 4.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B195.250
NOD 17233SEM 2.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B21185.310
NOD 17234SEM 1.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B21195.270
NOD 17235SEM 0.9L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B25224.660
NOD 17236SEM 10.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.210
NOD 17237SEM 7.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.350
NOD 17238SEM 4.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.290
NOD 17239SEM 7.8H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B20185.240
NOD 17240SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITEBA21205.215
NOD 17242SEM 6.8H6 CHONDRITEBB20185.157
NOD 17243SEM 4.2H6 CHONDRITEBA21195.220
NOD 17244SEM 12.3H6 CHONDRITEBB21195.270
NOD 17245SEM 6.8H6 CHONDRITEBA19185.230
NOD 17246SEM 18.5H4 CHONDRITE BA21195.290
NOD 17247SEM 18.2H6 CHONDRITEBA19185.240
NOD 17248 32.9H4 CHONDRITE A/BA17155.060
NOD 17249SEM 24.4H6 CHONDRITEBB20185.140
NOD 17250SEM 4.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20175.320
NOD 17251SEM 4.3H4 CHONDRITE BB20175.280
NOD 17252SEM 2.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.280
NOD 17253SEM 5.5H4 CHONDRITE BB21195.140
NOD 17254SEM 7.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B21195.240
NOD 17255SEM 3.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20195.290
NOD 17256SEM 7.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B20185.290
NOD 17257SEM 30.2LL5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B27234.600
NOD 17258SEM 81.0H5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B19174.580
NOD 17259SEM 30.9L6 CHONDRITE BB26225.260
PRE 17270SEM 27.7L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B26222.400
PRE 17273SEM 49.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B264.910
PRE 17274SEM 96.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.710
PRE 17276SEM 121.9H6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B19185.190

Classification of the ordinary chondrites in Table 1 & 2 was done by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopic (EDS) methods using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This can include the analysis of several olivine and pyroxene grains to determine the approximate Fayalite and Ferrosilite values of the silicates, grouping them into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries on broken surfaces of a 1-3 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)