Announcing a New World Wide Web Site!

We are pleased to announce that Planetary Missions and Materials Branch personnel have developed a World Wide Web (WWW) Server for the Earth Science and Solar System Exploration Division of JSC (the server home page may be accessed with a Web browser, such as Mosaic, by opening the URL This server will provide information related to work within the division. Two nodes within the division Web Server have been developed by the Planetary Missions and Materials Branch for information relating to Planetary Missions (Exploration) and Planetary Materials (Curation).

The Planetary Missions home page is dedicated to providing information related to human exploration mission concepts beyond low Earth orbit (the exploration home page may be accessed from the URL Available information includes space exploration news, documents, and images. An on-line reference library is available with full-text documents (both ASCII and MS-Word versions) of a variety of reports relating to exploration of the Moon and Mars. Fact sheets offer chronologies of missions to the Moon and Mars including mission name, country, date, mission objectives, and results. There is also a fact sheet on lunar EVAs including flight number, EVA date(s), astronauts, activities, and time spent in EVA. Image files include computer-generated images of current human mission concepts to the Moon and Mars, Apollo images, Viking images, and a few miscellaneous images of related artwork. Most images include a short description and the NASA image number. The Apollo Experiments Catalog (NASA RP-1317) is also available for on-line reference.

The Planetary Materials home page is dedicated to providing information related to the curation of extraterrestrial materials for scientific analysis. The Curator's home page may be accessed directly by opening the URL Available information includes facts about the purpose of curation, personal contacts, on-line access to the curatorial databases, and information on each of the four planetary sample types managed by the Curator - lunar samples, Antarctic meteorite samples, stratospheric dust particles, and space exposed surfaces. Sample information includes descriptions of the collections, instructions for requesting samples, and articles from recent newsletters. The space exposed surfaces area also includes LDEF meteoroid and debris data.

Eileen Stansbery
Claire Dardano