Report from the ANSMET Field Team

1997-98 ANSMET Field Team
1997-98 ANSMET field team working at the Lewis Cliff region. Photo courtesy of Dave Mittlefehldt.
The 1997-1998 ANSMET field team has returned to civilization as we know it, and the rocks are on their way to JSC. A total of nine people spent part of the austral summer searching for meteorites. The original eight member team consisted of Ralph Harvey, John Schutt, Gretchen Benedix, Marta Corbin, Dave "duck" Mittlefehldt, Tim Swindle, Mark Wieczorek and Karl Wirth. Four weeks into the field work Luann Becker came and replaced Ralph, who left early ostensibly to prepare for spring teaching. But we all know he just wanted to see Tucker Harvey, then just over 2 months old. The team spent the entire time in the "Foggy Bottom" area harvesting the Queen Alexandra Range ice fields.
McMurdo Base
Scenic view of McMurdo base. Photo courtesy of Dave Mittlefehldt.
A one day trip to the nearby Lewis Cliff area also netted a few meteorites. The total haul was about 1080 rocks, a few of which are probably terrestrial. Twenty additional pecimens were recovered from the Allan Hills Near Western icefield by a field party under the direction of Ian Whillans (Byrd Polar Research Center) where they were studying ice dynamics. That brings the season total to a nice round 1100 (some of which may actually NOT be ordinary chondrites). The weather was outstanding, and contributed to the near record number of meteorites collected.