New Meteorites From 1994-1996 Collections

This issue contains preliminary descriptions and classifications of meteorites that were completed since publication of issue 20(1), February 1997. Specimens of special petrologic type (carbonaceous chondrite, unequilibrated ordinary chondrite, achondrite, etc.) are represented by separate descriptions unless they are paired with previously described meteorites. However, some specimens of non-special petrologic type are listed only as single line entries in Table 1. For convenience, new specimens of special petrological type are also recast in Table 2.

Macroscopic descriptions of stony meteorites were performed at NASA/JSC. These descriptions summarize hand-specimen features observed during inital examination. Classification is based on microscopic petrography and reconnaissance-level electron microprobe analyses using polished sections prepared from a small chip of each meteorite. For each stony meteorite the sample number assigned to the preliminary examination section is included. In some cases, however, a single microscopic description was based on thin sections of several specimens believed to be members of a single fall.

Meteorite descriptions contained in this issue were contributed by the following individuals:

Kathleen McBride, Cecilia Satterwhite
Antarctic Meteorite Laboratory
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

Brian Mason and Tim McCoy
Department of Mineral Sciences
U.S. National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C.