AMN 44,1 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 44 No. 1 – March 2021

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
Magnetic Susceptibility
DOM 18160 25.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CeB24214.490
DOM 18161 28.5L6 CHONDRITE BA/B25214.440
DOM 18162 24.4L5 CHONDRITE BA25214.690
DOM 18163 20.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19174.770
DOM 18164 11.5L5 CHONDRITE BA25214.570
DOM 18167 19.3L6 CHONDRITE BA24214.520
DOM 18168 18.9H6 CHONDRITEBA/B19175.020
DOM 18860 1.0H5 CHONDRITE BA19164.560
DOM 18861 1.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.810
DOM 18862 1.7L3.6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B8-30174.060
DOM 18864 1.6H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B19174.960
DOM 18865 2.8L5 CHONDRITE BA24214.660
GRO 17022 112.4L3.6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B3-3174.250
GRO 17060 216.1CR2 CHONDRITE BA/B11-145.120
GRO 17108 193.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA26224.468
GRO 17139 8.4CK6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B264.920
GRO 17142 1300.9LL3.6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B0-313-94.100
NOD 17241 8.3H5 CHONDRITE BA18175.285
PRE 17271 17.5R3 CHONDRITE A/BeB39-472-253.220
PRE 17272 15.5R3 CHONDRITE A/BB12-446-133.250
PRE 17275 197.5H6 CHONDRITE (ANOMALOUS)BA16145.230
WSG 17260 244.8H5 CHONDRITE A/BA19175.340
WSG 17261 184.0L5 CHONDRITE A/BeA/B24204.710

Classification of all meteorites in Table 1 & 2 was done using electron microprobe analysis. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries in thin section and thin section photographs. Those undertaking detailed study of any of the meteorites classified in this newsletter should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)