AMN 47,1 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 47 No. 1 – March 2024

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
Magnetic Susceptibility
ALH 22001EMPA726.9L6 Chondrite A/BeA/B25214.731
DOM 18013EMPA360.6H4 Chondrite A/BA18165.280
DOM 18020SEM124.2L6 Chondrite A/BA/B234.650
DOM 18021SEM190.7L6 Chondrite B/CB/C24204.630
DOM 18022SEM185.3L6 Chondrite BA24224.540
DOM 18023EMPA177.5L6 Chondrite B/CB/C24214.500
DOM 18024EMPA164.3H4 Chondrite B/CC1811-174.980
DOM 18027EMPA124.0H4 Chondrite BB18155.090
DOM 18034SEM161.2L6 Chondrite A/BA/B204.730
DOM 18035EMPA138.9L5 Chondrite A/BeA24214.220
DOM 18036SEM100.9L5 Chondrite A/BA23204.660
DOM 18037EMPA87.2H5 Chondrite BA19175.090
DOM 18038SEM66.0L5 Chondrite A/BA23214.630
DOM 18039SEM105.2L5 Chondrite BeA/B24214.600
DOM 18050SEM84.4L5 Chondrite BeA/B23204.690
DOM 18051SEM47.2L6 Chondrite BeA/B204.610
DOM 18054EMPA79.6L3.5 Chondrite A/BA11-183.810
DOM 18055SEM83.9L6 Chondrite B/CA/B204.750
DOM 18056SEM65.6H6 ChondriteB/CA17155.170
DOM 18057SEM31.4L6 Chondrite BA23204.520
DOM 18058SEM71.6H6 ChondriteB/CA/B195.200
DOM 18360SEM4.8H6 ChondriteBA184.910
DOM 18362SEM13.2H5 Chondrite BA/B195.060
DOM 18363SEM9.9L6 Chondrite BA234.530
DOM 18364SEM17.2H6 ChondriteB/CA/B184.800
DOM 18365SEM4.7H6 ChondriteB/CA/B185.100
DOM 18366SEM12.1H6 ChondriteBA184.860
DOM 18367SEM13.9H6 ChondriteBA184.900
DOM 18368SEM8.1H5 Chondrite BA18174.940
DOM 18369SEM5.3H5 Chondrite BA/B175.310
DOM 18385EMPA14.5L6 Chondrite B/CB234.710
DOM 18388SEM23.4L5 Chondrite BA25204.650
DOM 18420EMPA8.7L3.6 Chondrite BA/B2224.640
DOM 18421SEM12.7L6 Chondrite BA23214.600
DOM 18422SEM7.5L6 Chondrite BA23204.690
DOM 18423SEM4.8L6 Chondrite A/BA234.670
DOM 18424SEM4.6H6 ChondriteB/CA19174.950
DOM 18425SEM2.3L5 Chondrite BA24204.570
DOM 18426SEM1.4H6 ChondriteA/BA19175.020
DOM 18427SEM1.3H6 ChondriteA/BA19174.940
DOM 18428SEM1.7H6 ChondriteA/BA18164.950
DOM 18429SEM2.8L6 Chondrite BA23204.610
DOM 18440SEM1.5H6 ChondriteA/BA19184.900
DOM 18441SEM1.1L3.6 Chondrite B/CA14205.070
DOM 18442EMPA1.4L6 Chondrite BA24214.490
DOM 18443SEM1.8L6 Chondrite BA24214.590
DOM 18445SEM1.6L6 Chondrite BA23214.620
DOM 18446SEM2.3L6 Chondrite BA24214.730
DOM 18447SEM1.0L3.5 Chondrite BA2212-284.190
DOM 18448EMPA2.6L6 Chondrite BA24214.600
DOM 18449SEM4.4L6 Chondrite BA24204.570
DOM 18506SEM9.7H5 Chondrite BA18164.810
DOM 18510EMPA20.1L6 Chondrite BA244.590
DOM 18511SEM23.7L6 Chondrite B/CA24194.550
DOM 18512SEM30.1H5 Chondrite BA17164.930
DOM 18513SEM16.8L6 Chondrite B/CA23204.540
DOM 18514SEM31.2H6 ChondriteB/CA18165.100
DOM 18515SEM19.4L6 Chondrite A/BeA23204.540
DOM 18516SEM16.4L6 Chondrite B/CA23204.610
DOM 18517SEM28.4L6 Chondrite B/CA/B23214.270
DOM 18518SEM23.4L5 Chondrite B/CA23204.460
DOM 18519SEM14.1L6 Chondrite B/CA23214.390
DOM 18520SEM5.2L6 Chondrite BA24214.650
DOM 18529EMPA1.9L6 Chondrite AA25214.360
DOM 18580EMPA17.2H6 ChondriteA/BA195.050
DOM 18581SEM14.9L6 Chondrite BA204.920
DOM 18582SEM19.5L6 Chondrite BA/B24204.550
DOM 18583SEM10.1L6 Chondrite BA24204.520
DOM 18584SEM7.4H6 ChondriteA/BA20184.980
DOM 18586SEM5.1H6 ChondriteA/BA17155.090
DOM 18587SEM3.3H4 Chondrite AA187-175.310
DOM 18588EMPA4.3L6 Chondrite AA234.660
DOM 18589SEM1.9L6 Chondrite BA23204.500
DOM 18610SEM17.2L6 Chondrite BA23204.600
DOM 18611SEM9.4L6 Chondrite B/CA23204.560
DOM 18612SEM16.8L6 Chondrite BA23214.620
DOM 18613SEM14.0L6 Chondrite BA23214.590
DOM 18614SEM27.3L6 Chondrite B/CA234.620
DOM 18615SEM26.7L5 Chondrite BA23204.700
DOM 18616SEM10.7L5 Chondrite BA23214.760
DOM 18617SEM30.8L6 Chondrite B/CA23204.540
DOM 18618SEM21.0L6 Chondrite B/CA234.470
DOM 18619SEM16.7L6 Chondrite BA23204.590
DOM 18751SEM1.1H6 ChondriteA/BA204.790
DOM 18752SEM0.8L5 Chondrite A/BA24204.610
DOM 18753EMPA4.1H5 Chondrite BeA/B19165.120
DOM 18754EMPA9.3H6 ChondriteB/CA19174.960
DOM 18755SEM7.2H6 ChondriteA/BA204.640
DOM 18756SEM8.5H6 ChondriteA/BA195.000
DOM 18757SEM11.2L6 Chondrite A/AA24214.530
DOM 18758EMPA5.8L6 Chondrite BA244.720
DOM 18759SEM9.2L6 Chondrite BA24214.690
DOM 18770SEM5.1H5 Chondrite A/BA20184.940
DOM 18771SEM5.7H6 ChondriteA/BA194.780
DOM 18772SEM8.9L6 Chondrite A/BA25214.580
DOM 18773EMPA6.3L6 Chondrite A/BA24214.530
DOM 18774SEM5.1H6 ChondriteA/BA195.110
DOM 18775SEM9.2H5 Chondrite A/BA205.000
DOM 18776SEM6.8L6 Chondrite BcA244.730
DOM 18777SEM3.7L6 Chondrite B/CA24214.690
DOM 18778EMPA4.7H6 ChondriteBA204.990
DOM 18779SEM14.1H6 ChondriteA/BA205.020
DOM 18782EMPA8.1CR2 Chondrite BA/B12-54.730
DOM 18788EMPA2.7LL5 Chondrite A/BA30253.740
DOM 18789EMPA5.2Eucrite (Brecciated) B/CA58-642.740
DOM 18790SEM2.0L6 Chondrite A/BA244.700
DOM 18791SEM4.9H6 ChondriteA/BA19174.930
DOM 18792SEM3.1H6 ChondriteA/BA195.030
DOM 18793EMPA0.7L6 Chondrite A/BA25214.460
DOM 18794SEM1.6LL6 Chondrite A/BA28254.020
DOM 18795EMPA0.4L5 Chondrite A24204.510
DOM 18796EMPA0.8L6 Chondrite AA25214.460
DOM 18797SEM3.4L6 Chondrite A/BA24214.380
DOM 18798SEM2.0L6 Chondrite A/BA244.580
DOM 18799SEM7.0H6 ChondriteBA185.060
DOM 18803EMPA3.7L3.5 Chondrite BA010-164.050
DOM 18808EMPA1.5H4 Chondrite B/CA/B18165.110
DOM 18850SEM9.8H6 ChondriteB/CA195.040
DOM 18851EMPA9.9H5 Chondrite B/CA/B18164.180
DOM 18852SEM7.4H6 ChondriteB/CA195.010
DOM 18853SEM8.0H6 ChondriteB/CA/B185.020
DOM 18854SEM8.4H6 ChondriteB/CA20184.990
DOM 18856SEM8.3H6 ChondriteB/CA19175.080
DOM 18857SEM5.5H6 ChondriteB/CA/B19174.410
DOM 18858SEM4.6H5 Chondrite B/CA19174.320
DOM 18859SEM2.5L6 Chondrite B/CA23204.120

Classification of achondrites, carbonaceous chondrites and other unusual chondrites was done using electron microprobe analysis. Classification of the ordinary chondrites in Table 1 & 2 was done by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopic (EDS) methods using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This can include the analysis of several olivine and pyroxene grains to determine the approximate Fayalite and Ferrosilite values of the silicates, grouping them into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries on broken surfaces of a 1-3 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)