Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter

Meteorite Hills Irons

MET irons geographic order of find These are all of the MET irons in the MET 00400 pairing group in geographic order of find. MET 00400 is placed behind MET 00402 and 00403 in this photo for sake of spacing.

MET Irons Locations Locations of Meteorite Hills meteorites. Red dots indicate 78 and 96 field season locations. Blue dots indicate 00 season locations. Yellow dots indicate MET 00 irons. MET 00400 was found at the lower-left (southwest) end of the distribution. Points are shown on a LANDSAT 7 image of the area.
(Larger Meteorite Hills Irons Location Image.)

Circumstances of Find (John Schutt, Tim McCoy)
These 23 meteorites range in mass from 4583.8 to 3.2 grams. They occurred within 200 m on either side of a line 5.8 km long connecting the largest and smallest mass. Although larger masses tend to lie at one end and smaller masses at the other, the distribution is imperfect and a mixed-mass clump is found in the center. The lineation of the distribution is not a result of either ice exposure or search strategy, as a much larger, rectangular area of blue ice was exposed and searched and meteorites were recovered throughout this larger area. The lineation may suggest a relatively recent fall.