Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter

Table 1
Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

~ Weight
Classification Weathering Fracturing %Fa %Fs
ALH 03541~t1053.5H5 CHONDRITEBA  
ALH 03542~t20.4L6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
CRA 03540 t151.9L3 CHONDRITEBEA/B0-267-17
GRO 03003~ 10640.0L5 CHONDRITECEC  
GRO 03004~t2470.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03005~t2576.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03006~t1161.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03008~t1693.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03009~t1112.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03010~t1397.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
GRO 03011~t1257.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB/C  
GRO 03012~t1184.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BEB/C  
GRO 03018~t1554.0L5 CHONDRITEBEB  
GRO 03026~t561.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
GRO 03030~ 895.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
GRO 03034~t274.6LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
GRO 03040~t150.4H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
GRO 03041~t183.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
GRO 03042~t288.3L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
GRO 03043~t274.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
GRO 03044~t275.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03045~t256.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03046~t196.1L5 CHONDRITEBA  
GRO 03047~t282.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
GRO 03048~t394.4L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03049~t311.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03055 t384.4L4 CHONDRITEB/CA2320
GRO 03056~t422.5H5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
GRO 03057~t662.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03058~t420.7L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03059~t625.3L5 CHONDRITEA/BEA/B  
GRO 03064~ 392.5LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
GRO 03065~ 303.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
GRO 03066~ 265.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
GRO 03067~ 140.1L5 CHONDRITEBA  
GRO 03068~ 288.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
GRO 03069~ 219.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
GRO 03075~t294.2LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
GRO 03076~t257.7H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
GRO 03077~t201.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
GRO 03078~t239.8LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
GRO 03079~t165.4LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
GRO 03110~t111.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
GRO 03115~t86.1LL5 CHONDRITEAA  
GRO 03116 t108.3CR2 CHONDRITEB/CA/B1-371-8
GRO 03117~t87.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03118~t64.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
GRO 03119~t75.4L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03551~ 2703.4L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03552~ 3521.5L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03554~t4201.2H4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03555~ 458.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03556~ 1823.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03557~ 1505.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03558~ 1521.1L4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03559~ 1839.1L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03560~ 1780.0L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03561~ 1853.2L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03562~ 833.5H5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03563~ 868.5L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03564~t853.8H4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03565~ 1198.7L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03566~ 1454.4L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03567~ 1009.5L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03568~t514.9LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03570~ 801.6LL4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03571~ 796.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03574~ 580.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03575~ 643.0LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03576~ 561.0LL4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03577~t556.2LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03578~t471.6L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03579~t411.8LL4 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03580~t582.9LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03581~t541.0LL4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03582~t408.6LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03584~t311.4LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03585~t289.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03586~t343.9L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03588~t209.6L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03589~t232.7H4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03590~ 342.6LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03591~ 235.6L6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03592~ 192.0LL5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 03594~ 297.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03595~ 175.4LL5 CHONDRITEBC  
LAP 03596~ 397.1LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03597~ 245.2LL4 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03598~ 327.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03599~ 413.2LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03600 t353.0LL5 CHONDRITEAA/B2923
LAP 03601~t331.7H4 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03602~t420.8L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03603~t305.4L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03604~t392.3L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03606~t486.1LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03607~t359.2L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03608~t330.7H4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03609~t451.0L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03610~t447.2L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03611~t376.1LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03612~t206.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03613~t229.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03614~t98.4LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03615~t120.9H4 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03616~t99.5H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03617~t173.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BB  
LAP 03618~t165.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03619 t164.3L4 CHONDRITEA/BA2314-19
LAP 03620~ 121.8L6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03621~ 173.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03622~ 127.1L5 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 03623~ 147.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03625~ 144.7L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03626~ 145.2L4 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03627~ 155.5L6 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03628~ 103.3L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03629~ 56.0L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03633~t261.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03634~t103.3L5 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 03635~t124.3LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03636~t190.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03638~t134.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03639 t139.9R CHONDRITEA/BA19-3813-29
LAP 03640~t168.7H4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03641~t212.1H6 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03642~t175.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
LAP 03643~t230.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03644~t126.4LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03646~t207.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03647~t219.5LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03648~t214.7LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03649~t149.4L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03650~ 150.7LL4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03651~ 162.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03652~ 98.6L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03653~ 75.6L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03654~ 89.3LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03655~ 49.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03656~ 74.6LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03657~ 87.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03658~ 79.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03659~ 95.3L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03660~t96.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03661~t103.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03662~t68.1LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03663~t64.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03664~t61.4LL6 CHONDRITEAA/B  
LAP 03665~t40.8L5 CHONDRITEAB/C  
LAP 03666~t86.9L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03667~t42.4L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03668~t42.0LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03669~t96.1L4 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03670~t85.7H6 CHONDRITECEA/B  
LAP 03671~t73.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03672~t45.8H4 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03673~t76.4L4 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03674~t38.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
LAP 03675~t35.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03676~t52.0LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03678~t58.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03679~t75.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03680~ 55.8L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03681~ 126.2L4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03682~ 123.7L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03683~ 57.7L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03684~ 61.5L4 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03685~ 54.8H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03686~ 42.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03687~ 54.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03688~ 86.8H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03689~ 95.4L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03690~t69.1LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03691~t88.3L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03692~t78.4H5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
LAP 03693~t71.0LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03694~t83.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03695~t44.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
LAP 03696~t39.0LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03697~t58.7LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03698~t84.5LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03699~t89.5H5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03700~ 85.8H4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03701~ 57.7L5 CHONDRITEAA/B  
LAP 03702~ 58.3H4 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03703~ 97.2L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03704~ 61.4H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 03705~ 59.4L5 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 03706~ 30.5L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03707~ 84.6H5 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 03708~ 39.3L6 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 03709~ 41.3LL6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03710~t40.2H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03711~t63.5H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03712~t84.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03713~t69.1H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03714 t80.7L4 CHONDRITEA/BA/B2313-18
LAP 03715~t53.0LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03716~t25.7LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03717~t58.6LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03720~ 51.4LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03721 87.5UREILITEBB/C9-25 
LAP 03722 29.6UREILITEBB/C4-24 
LAP 03723~ 97.5L6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03724~ 60.5H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03725~ 45.7LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03726~ 57.9L6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03727~ 30.0LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03728~ 62.1L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03729~ 58.0LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03730~t47.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03731 t56.0R CHONDRITEBA3629
LAP 03732~t89.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03733~t31.2L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03734~t19.2H6 CHONDRITEBB/C  
LAP 03735~t130.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03736~t68.0LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03737~t23.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03738~t30.2L5 CHONDRITEA/BB  
LAP 03739~t63.3L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03741~t70.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03742~t38.1L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03743~t46.3L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03744~t79.4L6 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03745~t40.7H5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
LAP 03746~t49.0L6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03747~t55.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
LAP 03748~t65.9H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 03749~t22.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 03750~t29.6LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03751~t49.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03752~t49.3H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03753~t27.9H6 CHONDRITECC  
LAP 03754~t36.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03755~t28.4LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03756~t56.1L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03757~t25.0LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03758~t28.1L4 CHONDRITEAA/B  
LAP 03759~t48.8H4 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 03760~t8.6H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03761~t26.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03762~t34.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03763~t50.7H6 CHONDRITECEB  
LAP 03764~t33.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03765~t73.7H4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03766~t23.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03767~t38.8L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03768~t84.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03769~t61.1H4 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03770~ 35.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03771~ 55.3H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03772~ 102.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03773~ 55.7L5 CHONDRITEA/BB  
LAP 03774~ 58.2L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 03775~ 23.0L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03776~ 14.6L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03777~ 71.9H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03778~ 91.2L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03779~ 41.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03781 35.0DIOGENITEBA/B2223
LAP 03783~ 17.3L6 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 03786 22.4CM2 CHONDRITEA/BA1-406
LAP 03789~ 20.8L6 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03790~t37.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 03791~t16.6L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03792~t7.4H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03793 t15.0R CHONDRITEBEA/B3528
LAP 03794~t8.5H4 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03795~t3.2H6 CHONDRITECC  
LAP 03796 t16.5DIOGENITEBA/B 23
LAP 03797~t4.6H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03798~t4.5H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 03799~t6.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03900~t8.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03901~t8.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 03902 t6.2R CHONDRITEA/BA3711-21
LAP 03903~t12.7L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03904~t13.8H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03905~t15.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 03906~t11.9L4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 03907~t5.8L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03908~t6.4L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 03909~t6.6H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 03950~ 7.8H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 03991 10.5H5 CHONDRITECC1715
LAP 031000 27.9DIOGENITEBA/B2223
LAP 031043 8.1CM2 CHONDRITEA/BA/B1-48 
LAP 031046 14.6H5 CHONDRITECC1917
LAP 031109 14.5UREILITEB/CA9-25 
LAP 031117 4.2CO3 CHONDRITEBA/B1-361
LAP 031120~t6.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031121~t11.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031122~t6.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031123~t19.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031124~t10.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031126~t8.5LL6 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 031127~t33.8LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 031128~t32.5LL6 CHONDRITEAA  
LAP 031129~t13.5H6 CHONDRITECEA/B  
LAP 031140~ 5.5LL6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031142~ 9.9L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031144 2.5R CHONDRITECA/B16-427-19
LAP 031146~ 4.9H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031147~ 5.5LL6 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 031148~ 3.6H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031149~ 2.3H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031160~t38.9L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031161~t18.6L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031162~t25.1L4 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031163~t37.3L4 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031164~t32.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031165 t27.0CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-51 
LAP 031166 t15.1CM1-2 CHONDRITEBB0-1 
LAP 031167~t10.7L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031168~t11.7L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031169~t7.5L4 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031191~t5.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CEB  
LAP 031192~t1.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031193~t3.1L4 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031194~t2.4H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031195 t0.6CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-332-22
LAP 031196~t5.2L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031197~t0.5H6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031198~t5.6L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031199~t1.4H6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031200~t15.4H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031201~t24.3H4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031202~t18.1H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031203~t25.2L5 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 031204~t23.2H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031205~t14.4L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031206~t26.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031207~t19.7L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031208~t26.0L4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031209~t29.5L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031220 3.1EH4 CHONDRITECB 0-2
LAP 031221~ 7.2LL6 CHONDRITEAA/B  
LAP 031222~ 5.4H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031223 4.8L3 CHONDRITEB/CB1-273-19
LAP 031224~ 7.0LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031225~ 3.3LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031226~ 2.7LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031227~ 4.5L5 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031228~ 2.4L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031229~ 5.2LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031230~t12.9H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031231~t12.8LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031232~t14.0L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031233~t35.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031234~t11.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031235~t33.6H6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031236~t13.0L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031237~t9.6H6 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031238~t9.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031239~t8.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031250~ 1.1L6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031253~ 1.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031254~ 1.3H6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031257~ 1.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031258~ 2.1H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031259~ 1.6L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031260~t11.8H5 CHONDRITECC  
LAP 031261~t6.8L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031262~t11.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031263~t15.6L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031264~t8.1L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031265~t8.0L6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031266~t4.4H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031267~t16.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031268 t15.4CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-381-5
LAP 031270~ 3.2H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031271~ 8.0LL5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031272~ 3.0LL6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031273~ 3.6H6 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 031274~ 5.5L6 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031275 6.1R CHONDRITEB/CA17-4224
LAP 031276~ 6.2L5 CHONDRITECA  
LAP 031277~ 2.2LL6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031278~ 2.5L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031290~t5.3LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031291~t13.7LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031292~t2.1LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031293~t1.1H5 CHONDRITE A/B  
LAP 031294~t4.4H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031295~t1.7LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031296~t1.9LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031297~t2.1LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031298~t5.5L6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031299 t6.9CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-431-38
LAP 031300~t9.4LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031301~t6.6L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031302~t23.0LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB/C  
LAP 031303~t4.0LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031304~t1.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031305~t6.5LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031306~t18.8LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031307~t45.8L4 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031309 t14.1DIOGENITEBA 23
LAP 031310 t11.4H4 CHONDRITECB1811-22
LAP 031311~t14.7L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031312~t11.4LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031313~t18.4H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031314~t20.4L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031315~t34.0L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031316 t25.8EUCRITE (BRECCIATED)BA/B 27-84
LAP 031317~t16.1L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031318~t17.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031319~t17.5H6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031330~t10.7LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031331~t17.7LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031332~t12.8LL5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031333~t8.5H6 CHONDRITECC  
LAP 031334~t5.5L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031335~t8.7LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031336~t19.3L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031337~t9.4LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031338~t22.9LL6 CHONDRITEBB/C  
LAP 031339~t75.5L4 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031340~t2.7H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031341~t1.5H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031342 t3.2UREILITECA/B2-21 
LAP 031343~t3.6L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031344~t6.2LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031345~t7.3H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031346 t5.4L3 CHONDRITEB/CB5-404-16
LAP 031347 t9.0L3 CHONDRITECB0-332-5
LAP 031348~t5.7LL5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031349~t6.1H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031350~t2.4LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 031351~t2.6L6 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 031352~t1.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031353~t4.7H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031354~t8.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031355~t9.2L6 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 031356~t3.2L5 CHONDRITECC  
LAP 031357~t2.9H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031358~t4.3H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031359~t2.5L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031360~t10.8H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
LAP 031361~t12.3H6 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031362~t4.7H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031363~t9.1L4 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031364~t5.4L5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031365~t11.8H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031366~t12.8H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031367~t3.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031368~t10.1H5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031369~t3.2L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
LAP 031371 8.8CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-361-30
LAP 031373~ 15.1LL5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031374~t6.5LL5 CHONDRITECB  
LAP 031375~t4.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
LAP 031376~t2.0H5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031377~t2.2L5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031378~t1.5L5 CHONDRITECB/C  
LAP 031380~t1.1L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031382~t0.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031383~t1.4LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
LAP 031384~t0.2LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031385~t0.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031386~t0.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031387 t1.1R CHONDRITEBA/B6-381-30
LAP 031388~t0.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 031389~t1.0H5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
LAP 031391~ 1.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
LAP 031392~ 3.3H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 031393~ 1.1H6 CHONDRITEBA  
LAP 031394~ 1.7H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
LAP 031395~ 3.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03331~t1550.0H6 CHONDRITECC  
MIL 03332~t2395.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03333~t1922.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BB/C  
MIL 03334~t4025.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
MIL 03335~t2283.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
MIL 03336~t969.8L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
MIL 03337~t1564.7LL5 CHONDRITEA/BEA  
MIL 03338~t1597.3L5 CHONDRITEA/BEA/B  
MIL 03339~t903.7LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MIL 03340~t911.5LL5 CHONDRITEA/BB/C  
MIL 03341~t717.2LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MIL 03342~t658.0H5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MIL 03343~t765.0H5 CHONDRITEB/CB/C  
MIL 03344~t536.5H5 CHONDRITEB/CB/C  
MIL 03345~t603.1L6 CHONDRITEB/CB/CE  
MIL 03347~t548.2LL6 CHONDRITEA/BB/C  
MIL 03348~t395.0LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MIL 03349~t274.6H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03350~t309.3LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MIL 03351~t368.6LL6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MIL 03352~t258.7H5 CHONDRITECB/C  
MIL 03353~t262.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03354~t159.8L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03355~t202.6L6 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03357~t501.2H5 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03358~t323.2H5 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03359~t502.7L5 CHONDRITEBBE  
MIL 03365~t1114.8L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MIL 03366~t815.9L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03367~t372.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C  
MIL 03370~t169.8H5 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03371 t82.7L4 CHONDRITEBA2419
MIL 03372~t97.8LL5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03373~t103.9L5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03374~t71.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
MIL 03375~t125.9L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03376~t212.5H6 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03377 t129.8CO3 CHONDRITEBA/B1-42 
MIL 03378~t145.1L5 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03379~t207.5H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03380~t85.7L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MIL 03381~t46.0H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03382~t58.4LL5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03383~t191.0L5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03384~t122.5LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MIL 03385~t99.3LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03386~t127.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03387~t68.3L5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03388~t154.3L5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03389~t146.0LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03390~t83.9H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03391~t68.9L5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03392~t94.5LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03393~t64.7H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03394~t22.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MIL 03395~t20.0H5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
MIL 03396~t29.1H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03397~t3.9H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03398~t16.6H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03399~t18.6LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03420~t45.1LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03421~t2.4H5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MIL 03422~t29.4L5 CHONDRITEBA  
MIL 03423~t45.4LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MIL 03425~t18.2H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03426~t35.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03427~t54.7H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03428~t23.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MIL 03429~t27.3H5 CHONDRITEB/CEA  
MIL 03430~ 4.4H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03433~ 16.5H6 CHONDRITECA  
MIL 03434~ 6.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MIL 03435~ 4.6H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03436~ 14.2H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03437~ 6.8H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03438~ 37.0H5 CHONDRITECB  
MIL 03439 1.4H3 CHONDRITEBA2-200-15
MIL 03440~t31.7H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 03441~t34.3L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MIL 03442 t63.8CO3 CHONDRITECA/B0-382
RBT 03520~t1327.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
RBT 03521~t1378.0LL5 CHONDRITEAA  
RBT 03524~ 182.6H6 CHONDRITECA  
RBT 03525~ 299.7L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
RBT 03526~ 269.0H5 CHONDRITECA  
RBT 03527~ 142.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
RBT 03528~ 78.3LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
RBT 03529~ 128.5H5 CHONDRITECB  
SAN 03450~ 5168.0L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
SAN 03454~ 1346.8L5 CHONDRITEBA  
SAN 03457~ 786.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
SAN 03464~ 919.1L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03465~ 596.5L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
SAN 03466~ 553.4L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03467~ 462.9L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
SAN 03470~ 224.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CEA/B  
SAN 03471~ 237.4L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03472 195.2HOWARDITEBA/B 20-52
SAN 03473 125.4DIOGENITEB/CA2223
SAN 03474~ 224.5L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03475~ 179.8L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
SAN 03476~ 145.6L5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03477~ 108.0L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
SAN 03478~ 107.2LL5 CHONDRITEBEA/B  
SAN 03479~ 58.7LL5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
LAP 04836 263.1DIOGENITEBA 23
LAP 04837 542.0DIOGENITEBA 23
LAP 04838 323.5HOWARDITEBA/B 23-54
LAP 04839 569.4DIOGENITEBA 23
LAP 04841 56.0LUNAR-BASALTA/BA/B 27-75
LAP 04845 1.1R CHONDRITEBA/B13-388-16
LAR 04328~ 15850.0H5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MAC 04990~ 0.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 04991~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 04992~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 04994~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 04995~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041010~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041011~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041012~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041013~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041014~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041015~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041016~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041017~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041018~ 1.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041019~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041070~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041071~ 1.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041072~ 1.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041073~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041074~ 0.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041120~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041121~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041122~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041123~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041124~ 0.5H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041125~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041126~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041127 0.5H4 CHONDRITEBB195-21
MAC 041128~ 0.5H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041129~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041130~ 0.3LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041131~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041132~ 0.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041133~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041134~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041135~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041136~ 1.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041137~ 0.6H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041138~ 0.9H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041139~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041140~ 0.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041141~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041142~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041143~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041144~ 0.9H4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041145~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041146~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041147~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041148~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041149~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041150~ 1.3L4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041151~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041152~ 0.3H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041153~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041154~ 0.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041155~ 0.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041156~ 0.4H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041157~ 0.9H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041158~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041159~ 0.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041180~ 0.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041181~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041182~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041183~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041184~ 1.6L4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041185~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041186~ 0.2H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041187~ 0.5L6 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041188~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041189~ 0.7L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041190~ 1.2L4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041191~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041192~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041194~ 0.5H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041195~ 0.9LL5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041196~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041197~ 1.4L6 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041198~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041199~ 1.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041200~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041201~ 0.8L4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041202~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041203~ 0.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041204~ 1.0H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041205~ 1.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041206~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041207~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041208~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041209~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041210~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041211~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041212~ 1.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041213~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041214~ 0.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041215~ 1.0H5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041216~ 0.7LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041217~ 1.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041218~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041219 0.5CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-38 
MAC 041220~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041221~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041222~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041223~ 0.9L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041224~ 0.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041225~ 0.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041226~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041227~ 0.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041228~ 1.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041229~ 1.3L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041230~ 1.2L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041231~ 1.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041232~ 1.0L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041233~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041234~ 1.1L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041235~ 1.8L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041236~ 1.5L4 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041237~ 1.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041238~ 1.6L5 CHONDRITEBB  
MAC 041239~ 1.5L5 CHONDRITEBB  
RBT 04110~ 172.1LL6 CHONDRITEB/CC  
RBT 04111~ 273.6H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04112~ 204.3LL5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
RBT 04114 281.6L3 CHONDRITEB/CA/B1-293-18
RBT 04116~ 1142.9LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
RBT 04119~ 945.5H5 CHONDRITECC  
RBT 04150~ 27.5H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04151~ 120.0H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04152~ 151.9H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04153~ 86.1L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
RBT 04154~ 103.8H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04155~ 103.6H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04156~ 100.2H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04157~ 62.6H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04158~ 86.4LL6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
RBT 04159~ 61.9H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04160~ 60.0H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04161~ 57.1H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04162~ 52.3IRON-UNGROUPED    
RBT 04163~ 35.6H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04164~ 11.9H6 CHONDRITECC  
RBT 04165~ 14.4H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04166~ 11.1LL6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04167~ 23.5H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04168~ 11.3H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04169~ 9.1H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04180~ 19.7H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04182~ 20.0H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04183~ 12.0H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04184~ 11.5H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04186 4.6IRON-IIE (?)  18-2016-19
RBT 04187~ 5.1L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04188~ 10.3LL6 CHONDRITEBB  
RBT 04189~ 11.6H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04200~ 31.3H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04201~ 12.2L5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04202~ 14.8H5 CHONDRITECC  
RBT 04203~ 17.8LL6 CHONDRITEBC  
RBT 04204~ 13.3H6 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04205~ 12.4H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04206~ 12.8L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04207~ 38.2H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04220~ 66.8H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04222~ 64.0L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
RBT 04223~ 28.4L5 CHONDRITEBB  
RBT 04224~ 44.8LL5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04225~ 34.1H6 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04226~ 29.0H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04227~ 57.3L6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
RBT 04229~ 75.1H5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04230~ 68.9L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04231~ 11.1LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
RBT 04232~ 9.3H5 CHONDRITECA/B  
RBT 04233~ 20.3L5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04235~ 8.5H6 CHONDRITECC  
RBT 04236~ 13.8LL5 CHONDRITEAA  
RBT 04237~ 40.9L5 CHONDRITECB  
RBT 04299 55.2IRON-UNGROUPED    
RBT 04302 11.6CV3 CHONDRITEBB1-91
RBT 04309 1.3CM2 CHONDRITEBEB1-50 
MCY 05200~ 3532.3LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MCY 05201~ 1917.7L5 CHONDRITEA/BEA/B  
MCY 05202~ 1178.1L5 CHONDRITEA/BEA  
MCY 05203~ 1078.4LL6 CHONDRITEA/BEA/B  
MCY 05204~ 894.3LL6 CHONDRITEAB  
MCY 05205~ 350.9L6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MCY 05206~ 247.2LL6 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MCY 05207~ 210.9L6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MCY 05208~ 167.2L6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C  
MCY 05209~ 104.7LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MCY 05210~ 426.4LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MCY 05211~ 344.8LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MCY 05212~ 319.7L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MCY 05213~ 352.3LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MCY 05214~ 306.1L4 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MCY 05215~ 254.3LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
MCY 05216~ 145.5L5 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MCY 05217~ 198.7L5 CHONDRITEB/CA  
MCY 05218 214.5H3 CHONDRITEB/CA/B1-212-9
MCY 05219 145.0CV3 CHONDRITEBA/B0-4 
MCY 05220~ 96.6L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MCY 05221~ 81.0L5 CHONDRITECB  
MCY 05222~ 81.3LL5 CHONDRITEA/BA  
MCY 05223~ 69.0H5 CHONDRITECA  
MCY 05224~ 40.5LL5 CHONDRITEBA  
MCY 05225~ 67.6LL6 CHONDRITEAA  
MCY 05226~ 65.5L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MCY 05228~ 29.9L6 CHONDRITECB/C  
MCY 05229 9.7CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-28 
MCY 05230 60.1CM2 CHONDRITEBA1-32 
MCY 05231 6.2CM1-2 CHONDRITEBA/B0-331-40
MCY 05233~ 8.7L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MCY 05234 0.8CM1-2 CHONDRITEBA/B0-2 
MCY 05236~ 2.1L6 CHONDRITECA/B  
MCY 05237~ 9.7L5 CHONDRITEBA/B  
MCY 05238~ 1.4L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MCY 05241~ 2.5L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
MCY 05242 2.0CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-256
MCY 05243~ 11.1L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MCY 05245 1.3CM2 CHONDRITEBB0-403
MCY 05250~ 34.9L6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MCY 05251 25.3CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-381
MCY 05252~ 41.5LL6 CHONDRITEA/BA/B  
MCY 05253~ 18.2H6 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MCY 05260~ 4.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CB  
MIL 05024 196.6CO3 CHONDRITEA/BA0-55 
MIL 05035 142.2LUNAR-BASALTA/BA/B 31-35
MIL 05050 253.3L3 CHONDRITEBA/B6-253-17
MIL 05051~ 368.0L5 CHONDRITECA/B  
MIL 05082 12.0CB CHONDRITEBB1-31-3
MIL 05085 18.6HOWARDITEBB 27-60
MIL 05104 41.0CO3 CHONDRITEBA1-281
MIL 05118 1.4H4 CHONDRITECEB2017
MIL 05119 0.9CM2 CHONDRITEBB0-32 
MIL 05124 2.6CM2 CHONDRITEBB1-2032
MIL 05133 4.6LL5 CHONDRITEAA/B2824
MIL 05139 10.6EH3 CHONDRITECC20-3
MIL 05152 46.6CM2 CHONDRITEBA/B1-371-26
TYR 05180~ 244.2L5 CHONDRITEB/CA/B  
t - samples thawed in MPL (see Feb., 2006 newsletter for explanation).
~ Classified by using optical methods.

Note: Optical methods can include macroscopic assignment to one of several well-characterized, large pairing groups (e.g., the QUE LL5 chondrites), as well as classification based on oil immersion of several olivine grains to determine the approximate index of refraction fro grouping into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types in this method are determined by the distinctiveness of chondrules boundaries on broken surfaces of a 13 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user.