AMN 45,2 Table 1. Newly Classified Meteorites

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Volume 45 No. 2 – September 2022

Table 1. Newly Classified Antarctic Meteorites

Sample Number Weight (g) Classification
Magnetic Susceptibility
DOM 18045EMPA 48.5H5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B185.090
DOM 18046EMPA 41.8H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B195.000
DOM 18047EMPA 57.0L6 CHONDRITE BB/C234.690
DOM 18072SEM 23.9L5 CHONDRITE B/CA244.570
DOM 18073SEM 17.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CA244.670
DOM 18074SEM 19.9L5 CHONDRITE BA244.610
DOM 18075SEM 18.7L6 CHONDRITE B/CA244.650
DOM 18076SEM 17.0L5 CHONDRITE BA234.580
DOM 18077EMPA 23.2H5 CHONDRITE BA/B18164.910
DOM 18078SEM 7.9L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.510
DOM 18079SEM 7.9L5 CHONDRITE BA234.600
DOM 18080SEM 18.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA234.550
DOM 18081EMPA 9.9H5 CHONDRITE B/CA18165.010
DOM 18082SEM 14.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.590
DOM 18083SEM 22.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.600
DOM 18084EMPA 9.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C19174.840
DOM 18085SEM 29.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA185.120
DOM 18086SEM 24.4L6 CHONDRITE BA234.570
DOM 18087SEM 16.2L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.630
DOM 18088SEM 13.1L5 CHONDRITE BA/B234.560
DOM 18089SEM 19.5L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.670
DOM 18100SEM 16.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CB/C254.520
DOM 18101SEM 10.0L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.740
DOM 18102SEM 12.3L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.420
DOM 18103EMPA 9.8L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.590
DOM 18104SEM 9.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.570
DOM 18105SEM 20.8L6 CHONDRITE BA/B234.620
DOM 18106SEM 20.0L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.640
DOM 18107SEM 14.6L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.560
DOM 18108SEM 23.9H6 CHONDRITECA/B195.060
DOM 18109SEM 9.3H6 CHONDRITECA/B185.060
DOM 18120EMPA 8.0H4 CHONDRITE B/CB18165.070
DOM 18121EMPA 11.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.600
DOM 18122SEM 4.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CB234.560
DOM 18123SEM 7.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CB234.670
DOM 18124SEM 7.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.720
DOM 18125EMPA 8.2L6 CHONDRITE B/CB/C24214.500
DOM 18126SEM 13.5H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C194.820
DOM 18127SEM 11.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.590
DOM 18128SEM 3.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.430
DOM 18129SEM 9.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CB/C244.460
DOM 18140SEM 47.4L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B244.790
DOM 18141EMPA 30.2L6 CHONDRITE BB25214.810
DOM 18142SEM 45.7L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B234.530
DOM 18143SEM 63.4L6 CHONDRITE A/BA/B244.630
DOM 18144SEM 37.3L5 CHONDRITE A/BA/B244.650
DOM 18145EMPA 17.1H5 CHONDRITE BA18165.020
DOM 18146EMPA 21.9L6 CHONDRITE BeB/C25214.510
DOM 18147SEM 47.1L6 CHONDRITE A/BA244.660
DOM 18148SEM 31.2L5 CHONDRITE A/BA244.540
DOM 18149SEM 42.4L6 CHONDRITE BB244.530
DOM 18150SEM 23.9L6 CHONDRITE BA/B244.590
DOM 18151SEM 10.8L6 CHONDRITE BA244.760
DOM 18152SEM 16.7L6 CHONDRITE B/CB244.640
DOM 18153SEM 15.8L6 CHONDRITE BA/B244.670
DOM 18154SEM 9.9H6 CHONDRITEBA/B194.900
DOM 18155SEM 8.0L6 CHONDRITE BA/B234.770
DOM 18156SEM 8.8L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.760
DOM 18157SEM 22.0L6 CHONDRITE BA234.540
DOM 18158SEM 22.0L6 CHONDRITE A/BA234.600
DOM 18159SEM 27.2L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.630
DOM 18180SEM 6.3H6 CHONDRITEBA/B194.700
DOM 18181SEM 4.1L5 CHONDRITE BB244.620
DOM 18182SEM 7.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CB244.630
DOM 18183EMPA 6.8L6 CHONDRITE BB/C24204.630
DOM 18184SEM 13.1L5 CHONDRITE BB244.650
DOM 18185SEM 10.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B194.710
DOM 18186SEM 18.5L5 CHONDRITE BB244.680
DOM 18187SEM 14.5L6 CHONDRITE BB244.670
DOM 18188SEM 18.4L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.680
DOM 18189SEM 21.1L5 CHONDRITE BB234.690
DOM 18210SEM 9.5L6 CHONDRITE BB254.600
DOM 18211SEM 11.6L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.560
DOM 18212SEM 13.6L5 CHONDRITE BB244.520
DOM 18213SEM 12.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CB234.600
DOM 18214SEM 7.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C184.870
DOM 18215EMPA 9.1L4 CHONDRITE A/BB/C25-2820-224.180
DOM 18216SEM 4.0L6 CHONDRITE BA/B234.930
DOM 18217EMPA 8.6L6 CHONDRITE BB25214.640
DOM 18218EMPA 12.1L3.8 CHONDRITE A/BB23-2820-214.110
DOM 18219SEM 10.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B205.080
DOM 18350SEM 38.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA244.580
DOM 18351SEM 26.7L6 CHONDRITE B/CA244.460
DOM 18353SEM 16.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA234.530
DOM 18354SEM 11.7L5 CHONDRITE B/CA244.690
DOM 18355SEM 12.5L5 CHONDRITE A/BA244.450
DOM 18356SEM 21.8L5 CHONDRITE B/CA244.550
DOM 18357SEM 21.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CA194.830
DOM 18359SEM 10.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CeA195.070
DOM 18567EMPA 12.4H3.5 CHONDRITE A/BA5-442-204.200
DOM 18568EMPA 17.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA19175.150
DOM 18620SEM 22.3L5 CHONDRITE BB244.510
DOM 18621SEM 10.8L5 CHONDRITE BB/C244.660
DOM 18622SEM 9.2L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.550
DOM 18624SEM 23.2L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.570
DOM 18625SEM 20.4L6 CHONDRITE BB/C244.490
DOM 18626SEM 8.6L5 CHONDRITE BB244.550
DOM 18627SEM 9.2L6 CHONDRITE BA/B234.520
DOM 18628EMPA 6.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CB25214.530
DOM 18631SEM 2.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.570
DOM 18632SEM 2.8L6 CHONDRITE BA/B234.670
DOM 18633SEM 2.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.410
DOM 18634SEM 2.8L6 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B244.620
DOM 18635SEM 3.7L5 CHONDRITE BB/C244.630
DOM 18637EMPA 8.1H5 CHONDRITE BB19174.930
DOM 18638SEM 8.0L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B234.650
DOM 18639SEM 4.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CB184.830
DOM 18655SEM 23.8L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.520
DOM 18656SEM 16.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CB254.420
DOM 18657SEM 27.5L5 CHONDRITE BeB244.530
DOM 18670SEM 12.6L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B254.650
DOM 18671SEM 13.4L5 CHONDRITE BeA/B234.520
DOM 18672SEM 12.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CeB/C244.540
DOM 18679SEM 6.2L6 CHONDRITE BB234.610
DOM 18721SEM 13.3L6 CHONDRITE B/CeA/B244.620
DOM 18722SEM 22.7H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B185.000
DOM 18723SEM 13.4L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.560
DOM 18725SEM 7.2L6 CHONDRITE B/CA244.250
DOM 18726SEM 14.7L5 CHONDRITE BA/B244.110
DOM 18727SEM 18.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B204.570
DOM 18728SEM 27.1L5 CHONDRITE BeA/B244.590
DOM 18729SEM 21.0H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B185.090
DOM 18760EMPA 28.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C19174.770
DOM 18761SEM 10.3L6 CHON. (BRECCIA) BA/B244.620
DOM 18762SEM 14.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B175.030
DOM 18763SEM 12.0L6 CHON. (BRECCIA) BB234.540
DOM 18764EMPA 12.5H4 CHONDRITE BB18165.230
DOM 18765EMPA 16.9L6 CHON. (BRECCIA) B/CeB/C25214.550
DOM 18766SEM 17.2H6 CHONDRITEBA/B184.910
DOM 18767SEM 13.5L5 CHONDRITE B/CB244.580
DOM 18768SEM 19.6H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B184.960
DOM 18769SEM 10.9H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B175.160
DOM 18810SEM 3.1L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.330
DOM 18811SEM 7.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CB185.040
DOM 18812EMPA 4.4L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.280
DOM 18813SEM 7.5L6 CHONDRITE B/CA/B244.360
DOM 18814SEM 8.3H6 CHONDRITEB/CB/C184.860
DOM 18815SEM 6.3H6 CHONDRITEBA/B174.780
DOM 18816EMPA 2.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25213.940
DOM 18817EMPA 1.0L5 CHONDRITE B/CA/B25214.310
DOM 18818SEM 5.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CB185.000
DOM 18819SEM 9.4H6 CHONDRITEB/CA/B185.000
GRO 17188EMPA 45.9EH3 CHONDRITE B/CeA0-25.270

Classification of achondrites, carbonaceous chondrites and other unusual chondrites was done using electron microprobe analysis. Classification of the ordinary chondrites in Table 1 & 2 was done by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopic (EDS) methods using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). This can include the analysis of several olivine and pyroxene grains to determine the approximate Fayalite and Ferrosilite values of the silicates, grouping them into H, L or LL chondrites. Petrologic types are determined by optical microscopy and are assigned based on the distinctiveness of chondrule boundaries on broken surfaces of a 1-3 g chip. While this technique is suitable for general characterization and delineation of equilibrated ordinary chondrites, those undertaking detailed study of any meteorite classified by optical methods alone should use caution. It is recommended that a polished thin section be requested to accompany any chip and appropriate steps for a more detailed characterization should be undertaken by the user. (Cari Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution)