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Cosmic Dust Catalog Volume 20,1

Sample Requests

Scientists desiring to perform detailed research on particles described in this catalog should apply in writing to:

Curator, Cosmic Dust Program
NASA Johnson Space Center
Code XI2
Houston, Texas 77058 U.S.A.
Telephone: (281) 483-5128
FAX: (281) 483-5347

Sample requests should refer to specific particle identification numbers and should describe the research being proposed as well as the qualifications and facilities of the investigator making the request. Publication reprints are frequently useful in sample allocation considerations. Additionally, requests for particles not yet passed through preliminary examination will be considered if the requester can demonstrate a strong need for them. NASA will arrange for a review of the scientific merits of each request and will inform the requester of the results.

Approval of a sample request does not imply or include funding for the proposed research. Questions about NASA funding should be directed to:

Discipline Scientist, Cosmochemistry Program
NASA Headquarters
Code SL
Washington, DC 20546 U.S.A.

Although foreign scientists are welcome to request samples, NASA cannot provide funds to be spent outside the U.S.A. by citizens of other countries.