Cluster Particle Relationships

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Cluster Particle Relationships

Updated 2019-12-11

Flag Cluster Particle(s)
L2001 Cluster *B L2001-*B-1,0; L2001-*B-2,0; L2001-*B-3,0; L2001-*B-4,0
L2001 Cluster *C L2001-*C-1,0; L2001-*C-2,0; L2001-*C-3,0
L2001 Cluster *D L2001-*D-1,0; L2001-*D-2,0; L2001-*D-3,0
L2001 Cluster *E L2001-*E-1,0; L2001-*E-2,0; L2001-*E-4,0
L2001 Cluster *F L2001-*F-1,0
L2001 Cluster *G L2001-*G-1,0; L2001-*G-2,0; L2001-*G-3,0; L2001-*G-4,0
L2001 Cluster *I L2001-*I-1,0; L2001-*I-2,0
L2001 Cluster *J L2001-*J-1,0
L2001 Cluster *K L2001-*K-1,0
L2002 Cluster *A L2002-*A-1,0
L2002 Cluster *C L2002-*C-1,0; L2002-*C-2,0; L2002-*C-3,0; L2002-*C-4,0; L2002-*C-5,0
L2003 Cluster *D L2003-*D-1,0; L2003-*D-2,0
L2003 Cluster *E L2003-*E-1,0; L2003-*E-2,0; L2003-*E-3,0
L2004 Cluster *C L2004-*C-1,0; L2004-*C-2,0; L2004-*C-3,0
L2004 Cluster *D L2004-*D-1,0; L2004-*D-2,0; L2004-*D-3,0
L2005 Cluster 1 L2005-A-1,0
L2005 Cluster 4 L2005-A-4,0
L2005 Cluster 5 L2005-A-5,0; L2005-A-7,0; L2005-A-8,0
L2005 Cluster 6 L2005-A-6,0
L2005 Cluster 7 L2005-B-7,0
L2005 Cluster 8 L2005-S-8,0
L2005 Cluster 9 L2005-B-9,0
L2005 Cluster 10 L2005-AK-1,0; L2005-B-10,0; L2005-B-19,0; L2005-B-20,0
L2005 Cluster 11 L2005-B-11,0; L2005-B-21,0; L2005-B-22,0; L2005-B-23,0
L2005 Cluster 12 L2005-AM-1,0; L2005-AN-1,0; L2005-AR-1,0; L2005-AR-5,0; L2005-AR-6,0; L2005-AR-11,0; L2005-AR-12,0; L2005-AR-14,0; L2005-B-12,0; L2005-B-13,0; L2005-B-14,0; L2005-B-15,0; L2005-B-16,0; L2005-B-17,0; L2005-B-18,0
L2005 Cluster 13 L2005-*B-1,0; L2005-*B-2,0; L2005-*B-3,0; L2005-AL-1,0; L2005-AL-2,0; L2005-AL-3,0; L2005-AL-4,0; L2005-AL-5,0; L2005-AL-6,0; L2005-AL-7,0; L2005-AM-2,0; L2005-AN-2,0; L2005-AO-1,0; L2005-AP-1,0; L2005-AR-2,0; L2005-AR-7,0; L2005-AR-15,0; L2005-AS-2,0; L2005-BY-1,0; L2005-C-1,0; L2005-C-13,0; L2005-C-25,0; L2005-C-26,0; L2005-C-31,0; L2005-C-34,0; L2005-C-38,0
L2005 Cluster 14 L2005-C-2,0; L2005-C-3,0; L2005-C-14,0; L2005-C-29,0; L2005-C-30,0; L2005-C-33,0; L2005-C-36,0
L2005 Cluster 15 L2005-*C-1,0; L2005-*C-2,0; L2005-*C-3,0; L2005-AJ-1,0; L2005-AK-2,0; L2005-AM-3,0; L2005-AR-3,0; L2005-AS-3,0; L2005-BZ-1,0; L2005-C-4,0; L2005-C-15,0; L2005-C-27,0; L2005-C-28,0; L2005-C-32,0; L2005-C-35,0; L2005-C-39,0; L2005-C-41,0
L2005 Cluster 16 L2005-C-16,0
L2005 Cluster 17 L2005-BP-1,0; L2005-C-17,0; L2005-C-19,0; L2005-C-20,0; L2005-C-21,0; L2005-CA-1,0
L2005 Cluster 18 L2005-AM-4,0; L2005-AN-3,0; L2005-AO-2,0; L2005-AQ-1,0; L2005-AR-4,0; L2005-AR-16,0; L2005-AS-1,0; L2005-AS-4,0; L2005-AS-5,0; L2005-AS-6,0; L2005-AS-7,0; L2005-AS-8,0; L2005-AS-10,0; L2005-BQ-1,0; L2005-C-5,0; L2005-C-18,0; L2005-C-22,0; L2005-C-23,0; L2005-C-24,0; L2005-C-37,0; L2005-C-40,0; L2005-C-42,0; L2005-CB-1,0
L2005 Cluster 19 L2005-AN-4,0; L2005-BR-1,0; L2005-BS-1,0; L2005-BT-1,0; L2005-D-1,0; L2005-D-19,0; L2005-D-25,0; L2005-D-26,0; L2005-D-27,0; L2005-D-35,0; L2005-D-36,0
L2005 Cluster 20 L2005-D-2,0; L2005-D-3,0; L2005-D-20,0; L2005-D-28,0; L2005-D-29,0; L2005-D-31,0
L2005 Cluster 21 L2005-D-21,0
L2005 Cluster 24 L2005-AR-13,0; L2005-D-24,0; L2005-D-30,0; L2005-D-32,0; L2005-D-33,0; L2005-D-34,0
L2005 Cluster 25 L2005-AN-5,0; L2005-AQ-2,0; L2005-AR-17,0; L2005-AS-11,0; L2005-BV-1,0; L2005-E-1,0; L2005-E-2,0; L2005-E-3,0; L2005-E-25,0; L2005-E-31,0; L2005-E-32,0; L2005-E-36,0; L2005-E-42,0
L2005 Cluster 26 L2005-AN-6,0; L2005-AO-3,0; L2005-BO-1,0; L2005-E-4,0; L2005-E-5,0; L2005-E-26,0; L2005-E-33,0; L2005-E-37,0; L2005-E-38,0; L2005-E-40,0; L2005-E-43,0
L2005 Cluster 28 L2005-E-28,0; L2005-E-34,0; L2005-E-35,0; L2005-E-39,0; L2005-E-41,0
L2005 Cluster 30 L2005-AN-7,0; L2005-AT-1,0; L2005-BX-1,0; L2005-E-30,0
L2005 Cluster 31 L2005-*A-1,0; L2005-*A-2,0; L2005-*A-3,0; L2005-*A-4,0; L2005-AO-4,0; L2005-AR-8,0; L2005-AR-9,0; L2005-AR-10,0; L2005-AR-18,0; L2005-AR-19,0; L2005-AR-20,0; L2005-AS-9,0; L2005-BU-1,0; L2005-F-1,0; L2005-F-2,0; L2005-F-3,0; L2005-F-31,0; L2005-F-37,0; L2005-F-38,0; L2005-F-39,0; L2005-F-40,0
L2005 Cluster 32 L2005-F-32,0
L2005 Cluster 33 L2005-AN-8,0; L2005-BW-1,0; L2005-F-4,0; L2005-F-33,0
L2005 Cluster 34 L2005-F-34,0
L2005 Cluster 36 L2005-F-36,0
L2005 Cluster 38 L2005-G-1,0; L2005-G-38,0; L2005-G-43,0
L2005 Cluster 42 L2005-G-2,0; L2005-G-3,0; L2005-G-42,0
L2005 Cluster 43 L2005-H-43,0; L2005-H-51,0
L2005 Cluster 44 L2005-H-1,0; L2005-H-44,0
L2005 Cluster 45 L2005-H-45,0; L2005-H-49,0; L2005-H-50,0
L2005 Cluster 46 L2005-H-46,0
L2005 Cluster 48 L2005-H-48,0
L2006 Cluster 1 L2006-A-1,0; L2006-A-2,0; L2006-R-1,0
L2006 Cluster 2 L2006-A-3,0; L2006-A-4,0; L2006-A-19,0; L2006-A-24,0; L2006-A-26,0; L2006-A-27,0; L2006-A-29,0; L2006-AI-1,0; L2006-U-11,0; L2006-U-12,0
L2006 Cluster 3 L2006-A-5,0; L2006-A-6,0; L2006-A-7,0; L2006-A-8,0; L2006-A-9,0; L2006-A-10,0; L2006-A-20,0; L2006-A-25,0; L2006-A-30,0; L2006-S-1,0; L2006-U-1,0; L2006-U-4,0; L2006-U-6,0; L2006-U-8,0; L2006-U-9,0; L2006-U-10,0
L2006 Cluster 4 L2006-*A-1,0; L2006-*A-2,0; L2006-*B-1,0; L2006-*B-2,0; L2006-*B-3,0; L2006-A-11,0; L2006-A-12,0; L2006-A-13,0; L2006-A-21,0; L2006-A-28,0; L2006-A-31,0; L2006-A-33,0; L2006-AJ-1,0; L2006-AL-1,0; L2006-AM-1,0; L2006-S-2,0; L2006-U-2,0; L2006-U-5,0; L2006-U-7,0; L2006-U-13,0; L2006-U-15,0; L2006-U-17,0; L2006-X-1,0
L2006 Cluster 5 L2006-A-14,0
L2006 Cluster 6 L2006-*A-3,0; L2006-*A-4,0; L2006-A-15,0; L2006-A-16,0; L2006-A-22,0; L2006-A-32,0
L2006 Cluster 7 L2006-A-17,0; L2006-U-16,0
L2006 Cluster 8 L2006-A-18,0; L2006-A-23,0
L2006 Cluster 9 L2006-*A-5,0; L2006-*A-6,0; L2006-B-1,0; L2006-B-2,0; L2006-B-3,0; L2006-B-4,0; L2006-T-1,0; L2006-W-1,0
L2006 Cluster 10 L2006-*A-7,0; L2006-*A-8,0; L2006-B-5,0; L2006-B-6,0; L2006-B-7,0; L2006-B-22,0
L2006 Cluster 11 L2006-B-8,0; L2006-B-9,0; L2006-B-10,0; L2006-B-11,0; L2006-B-19,0
L2006 Cluster 12 L2006-B-12,0; L2006-B-13,0
L2006 Cluster 13 L2006-B-14,0
L2006 Cluster 14 L2006-*A-9,0; L2006-*A-10,0; L2006-AK-1,0; L2006-AN-1,0; L2006-AO-1,0; L2006-B-15,0; L2006-B-16,0; L2006-B-17,0; L2006-B-18,0; L2006-B-20,0; L2006-B-21,0; L2006-B-23,0; L2006-S-3,0; L2006-U-3,0; L2006-V-1,0
L2006 Cluster 19 L2006-AP-1,0; L2006-AQ-1,0
L2008 Cluster 1 L2008-A-1,0
L2008 Cluster 2 L2008-A-2,0; L2008-A-3,0; L2008-AC-5,0
L2008 Cluster 3 L2008-*C-1,0; L2008-A-4,0; L2008-A-5,0; L2008-AC-1,0; L2008-AC-14,0; L2008-AG-1,0; L2008-X-1,0
L2008 Cluster 4 L2008-*B-1,0; L2008-*B-2,0; L2008-*C-2,0; L2008-A-6,0; L2008-A-7,0; L2008-AC-6,0; L2008-AC-7,0; L2008-AC-15,0; L2008-AC-18,0; L2008-AF-1,0; L2008-X-2,0
L2008 Cluster 5 L2008-*A-1,0; L2008-*C-3,0; L2008-A-8,0; L2008-A-9,0; L2008-AC-2,0; L2008-AC-4,0; L2008-AC-13,0; L2008-AE-1,0; L2008-W-1,0
L2008 Cluster 6 L2008-AC-8,0; L2008-AC-11,0; L2008-AC-12,0; L2008-B-1,0
L2008 Cluster 7 L2008-B-2,0
L2008 Cluster 8 L2008-B-3,0; L2008-B-4,0; L2008-X-3,0
L2008 Cluster 9 L2008-AA-1,0; L2008-AC-3,0; L2008-B-5,0; L2008-X-4,0
L2008 Cluster 10 L2008-B-6,0
L2008 Cluster 11 L2008-AC-16,0; L2008-C-1,0; L2008-C-2,0; L2008-X-5,0
L2008 Cluster 12 L2008-AC-19,0; L2008-C-3,0; L2008-C-4,0
L2008 Cluster 13 L2008-AC-9,0; L2008-AC-10,0; L2008-C-5,0; L2008-C-6,0
L2008 Cluster 14 L2008-C-7,0
L2008 Cluster 15 L2008-C-8,0; L2008-C-9,0; L2008-C-10,0
L2008 Cluster 16 L2008-AA-2,0; L2008-AC-17,0; L2008-D-1,0; L2008-D-2,0; L2008-Y-1,0; L2008-Z-2,0
L2008 Cluster 17 L2008-AB-1,0; L2008-AD-1,0; L2008-D-3,0; L2008-D-4,0; L2008-D-5,0; L2008-Y-2,0; L2008-Z-1,0
L2008 Cluster 18 L2008-D-6,0; L2008-D-7,0; L2008-D-8,0
L2008 Cluster 19 L2008-D-9,0
L2008 Cluster 20 L2008-D-10,0; L2008-D-11,0
L2008 Cluster 21 L2008-V-38,0
L2008 Cluster 22 L2008-V-39,0; L2008-V-40,0; L2008-V-41,0; L2008-V-42,0; L2008-V-43,0; L2008-V-44,0
L2009 Cluster 1 L2009-A-9,0; L2009-AK-1,0
L2009 Cluster 2 L2009-A-2,0; L2009-A-10,0; L2009-U-1,0; L2009-U-3,0; L2009-U-7,0; L2009-U-10,0; L2009-U-11,0; L2009-U-12,0; L2009-W-1,0
L2009 Cluster 3 L2009-*A-1,0; L2009-*D-1,0; L2009-*D-2,0; L2009-A-3,0; L2009-A-11,0; L2009-AN-1,0; L2009-AO-1,0; L2009-U-4,0
L2009 Cluster 4 L2009-*A-2,0; L2009-*D-3,0; L2009-*D-4,0; L2009-A-4,0; L2009-A-12,0; L2009-AH-1,0; L2009-AI-1,0; L2009-U-2,0; L2009-U-8,0
L2009 Cluster 5 L2009-*H-1,0; L2009-*H-2,0; L2009-*H-3,0; L2009-A-5,0; L2009-A-6,0; L2009-U-6,0
L2009 Cluster 6 L2009-A-7,0; L2009-AU-1,0; L2009-U-5,0
L2009 Cluster 7 L2009-*A-3,0; L2009-*D-5,0; L2009-*D-6,0; L2009-*E-1,0; L2009-*E-2,0; L2009-*E-3,0; L2009-*G-1,0; L2009-*G-2,0; L2009-*G-3,0; L2009-A-8,0; L2009-AJ-1,0; L2009-AL-1,0; L2009-AS-1,0; L2009-AT-1,0
L2009 Cluster 8 L2009-*A-4,0; L2009-*D-7,0; L2009-*D-8,0; L2009-AP-1,0; L2009-B-1,0
L2009 Cluster 9 L2009-B-2,0
L2009 Cluster 10 L2009-*A-5,0; L2009-*D-9,0; L2009-*D-10,0; L2009-*E-4,0; L2009-*E-5,0; L2009-*E-6,0; L2009-AA-1,0; L2009-AM-1,0; L2009-B-3,0; L2009-U-13,0; L2009-U-14,0; L2009-U-15,0; L2009-V-1,0; L2009-Z-1,0
L2009 Cluster 11 L2009-*A-6,0; L2009-B-4,0
L2009 Cluster 12 L2009-*A-7,0; L2009-B-5,0; L2009-B-8,0; L2009-B-9,0; L2009-S-1,0
L2009 Cluster 13 L2009-*C-1,0; L2009-*D-11,0; L2009-*D-12,0; L2009-*F-1,0; L2009-*F-2,0; L2009-*F-3,0; L2009-*I-1,0; L2009-*I-2,0; L2009-*I-3,0; L2009-*I-4,0; L2009-AB-1,0; L2009-AC-1,0; L2009-AD-1,0; L2009-AQ-1,0; L2009-AR-1,0; L2009-B-6,0; L2009-O-1,0; L2009-O-2,0; L2009-O-3,0; L2009-O-4,0; L2009-O-5,0; L2009-O-6,0; L2009-O-7,0; L2009-O-8,0; L2009-O-9,0; L2009-O-10,0; L2009-O-11,0; L2009-O-12,0; L2009-O-13,0; L2009-O-14,0; L2009-O-15,0; L2009-O-16,0; L2009-P-1,0; L2009-Q-1,0; L2009-R-2,0
L2009 Cluster 14 L2009-*A-8,0; L2009-AE-1,0; L2009-AF-1,0; L2009-AG-1,0; L2009-B-7,0; L2009-Q-2,0; L2009-R-1,0; L2009-T-1,0; L2009-U-9,0
L2011 Cluster 1 L2011-A-1,0
L2011 Cluster 2 L2011-A-2,0; L2011-AE-1,0; L2011-AJ-1,0
L2011 Cluster 3 L2011-*H-1,0; L2011-A-3,0; L2011-A-5,0; L2011-A-7,0; L2011-A-8,0; L2011-AD-1,0; L2011-AD-2,0; L2011-AD-3,0; L2011-U-1,0
L2011 Cluster 4 L2011-A-4,0; L2011-A-6,0; L2011-A-9,0; L2011-A-10,0; L2011-AD-4,0; L2011-AR-1,0; L2011-V-1,0
L2011 Cluster 5 L2011-*F-1,0; L2011-*F-2,0; L2011-*H-2,0; L2011-AC-1,0; L2011-AD-5,0; L2011-AD-6,0; L2011-AD-7,0; L2011-AG-1,0; L2011-AG-4,0; L2011-AG-5,0; L2011-AG-13,0; L2011-B-1,0; L2011-B-5,0; L2011-B-12,0; L2011-B-13,0; L2011-B-14,0; L2011-B-15,0; L2011-B-16,0; L2011-W-1,0
L2011 Cluster 6 L2011-*A-1,0; L2011-*A-2,0; L2011-*H-3,0; L2011-AD-8,0; L2011-AG-14,0; L2011-B-2,0; L2011-B-6,0; L2011-B-10,0; L2011-B-10,1; L2011-B-10,2; L2011-B-10,3; L2011-X-1,0
L2011 Cluster 7 L2011-*A-3,0; L2011-*A-4,0; L2011-*B-1,0; L2011-*B-2,0; L2011-*B-3,0; L2011-*H-4,0; L2011-AD-9,0; L2011-AD-10,0; L2011-AD-11,0; L2011-B-3,0; L2011-B-7,0; L2011-B-11,0
L2011 Cluster 8 L2011-*H-5,0; L2011-AC-2,0; L2011-AD-12,0; L2011-AD-13,0; L2011-AD-14,0; L2011-AE-2,0; L2011-AG-2,0; L2011-AI-1,0; L2011-B-4,0; L2011-B-8,0; L2011-B-9,0; L2011-B-17,0
L2011 Cluster 9 L2011-C-1,0; L2011-C-2,0
L2011 Cluster 10 L2011-*H-6,0; L2011-AA-1,0; L2011-AC-3,0; L2011-AD-15,0; L2011-AD-16,0; L2011-AG-6,0; L2011-C-3,0; L2011-C-4,0
L2011 Cluster 11 L2011-*A-5,0; L2011-*A-6,0; L2011-*B-4,0; L2011-*B-5,0; L2011-*B-6,0; L2011-*D-1,0; L2011-*D-2,0; L2011-*D-3,0; L2011-*D-4,0; L2011-AH-1,0; L2011-AN-1,0; L2011-AO-1,0; L2011-C-5,0; L2011-C-6,0; L2011-C-8,0; L2011-C-9,0; L2011-C-10,0; L2011-C-11,0; L2011-C-12,0; L2011-C-13,0
L2011 Cluster 12 L2011-AF-1,0; L2011-C-7,0
L2011 Cluster 13 L2011-AF-2,0; L2011-D-1,0; L2011-D-2,0
L2011 Cluster 14 L2011-D-3,0; L2011-D-4,0
L2011 Cluster 15 L2011-*A-7,0; L2011-*A-8,0; L2011-*H-7,0; L2011-AD-17,0; L2011-AD-18,0; L2011-AG-3,0; L2011-AG-10,0; L2011-AG-11,0; L2011-AG-12,0; L2011-D-5,0; L2011-D-7,0; L2011-D-9,0; L2011-D-10,0
L2011 Cluster 16 L2011-D-6,0; L2011-D-8,0; L2011-D-11,0
L2011 Cluster 17 L2011-*G-1,0; L2011-*G-2,0; L2011-*H-8,0; L2011-AD-19,0; L2011-AD-20,0; L2011-E-1,0; L2011-E-2,0; L2011-E-8,0; L2011-E-9,0
L2011 Cluster 18 L2011-E-3,0; L2011-E-4,0
L2011 Cluster 19 L2011-E-5,0
L2011 Cluster 20 L2011-AP-1,0; L2011-AQ-1,0; L2011-E-6,0; L2011-E-7,0
L2011 Cluster 21 L2011-F-1,0; L2011-F-4,0; L2011-F-6,0
L2011 Cluster 22 L2011-*A-9,0; L2011-*A-10,0; L2011-*C-1,0; L2011-*C-2,0; L2011-*C-3,0; L2011-*H-9,0; L2011-AD-21,0; L2011-AD-22,0; L2011-AD-23,0; L2011-AG-7,0; L2011-AG-8,0; L2011-AG-9,0; L2011-F-2,0; L2011-F-5,0; L2011-F-7,0
L2011 Cluster 23 L2011-F-3,0
L2021 Cluster 1 L2021-*C-1,0; L2021-*C-2,0; L2021-A-1,0; L2021-J-3,0; L2021-K-1,0; L2021-M-1,0; L2021-N-1,0; L2021-O-1,0; L2021-Q-1,0; L2021-U-1,0; L2021-U-8,0; L2021-U-9,0; L2021-U-10,0; L2021-Y-1,0; L2021-Z-1,0
L2021 Cluster 2 L2021-A-2,0
L2021 Cluster 3 L2021-A-3,0; L2021-A-4,0; L2021-I-1,0
L2021 Cluster 4 L2021-*C-3,0; L2021-*C-4,0; L2021-A-5,0; L2021-K-2,0; L2021-L-1,0
L2021 Cluster 5 L2021-*A-1,0; L2021-*A-2,0; L2021-*A-3,0; L2021-*C-5,0; L2021-*C-6,0; L2021-A-6,0; L2021-J-2,0; L2021-K-3,0; L2021-L-2,0; L2021-M-2,0; L2021-N-2,0; L2021-O-2,0; L2021-P-1,0; L2021-Q-2,0; L2021-U-2,0; L2021-U-4,0; L2021-U-11,0
L2021 Cluster 6 L2021-*B-1,0; L2021-*B-2,0; L2021-*B-3,0; L2021-*C-7,0; L2021-*C-8,0; L2021-A-7,0; L2021-I-2,0; L2021-J-1,0; L2021-K-4,0; L2021-L-3,0; L2021-M-3,0; L2021-N-3,0; L2021-P-2,0; L2021-Q-3,0; L2021-R-1,0; L2021-S-1,0; L2021-T-1,0; L2021-U-3,0; L2021-U-5,0; L2021-V-1,0; L2021-W-1,0; L2021-X-1,0
L2036 Cluster 1 L2036-A-1,0
L2036 Cluster 2 L2036-*C-1,0; L2036-*C-2,0; L2036-A-2,0; L2036-A-3,0; L2036-AE-1,0; L2036-AK-2,0; L2036-AK-15,0; L2036-AM-1,0; L2036-AN-1,0; L2036-R-1,0; L2036-U-4,0; L2036-V-1,0; L2036-V-4,0
L2036 Cluster 3 L2036-*C-3,0; L2036-*C-4,0; L2036-A-4,0; L2036-AI-1,0; L2036-AJ-1,0; L2036-R-3,0
L2036 Cluster 4 L2036-*A-1,0; L2036-*A-2,0; L2036-*A-3,0; L2036-*C-5,0; L2036-*C-6,0; L2036-A-5,0; L2036-A-6,0; L2036-AA-1,0; L2036-AA-2,0; L2036-AA-3,0; L2036-AA-4,0; L2036-AA-5,0; L2036-AA-6,0; L2036-AA-7,0; L2036-AA-7,1; L2036-AA-7,2; L2036-AA-7,3; L2036-AA-7,4; L2036-AA-7,5; L2036-AA-7,6; L2036-AA-7,7; L2036-AA-7,8; L2036-AA-7,9; L2036-AA-7,10; L2036-AA-7,11; L2036-AA-7,12; L2036-AA-7,13; L2036-AA-8,0; L2036-AA-9,0; L2036-AA-10,0; L2036-AA-11,0; L2036-AA-12,0; L2036-AA-13,0; L2036-AA-14,0; L2036-AA-15,0; L2036-AB-1,0; L2036-AC-1,0; L2036-AD-1,0; L2036-AE-2,0; L2036-AF-5,0; L2036-AG-1,0; L2036-AK-1,0; L2036-AK-3,0; L2036-AK-16,0; L2036-AL-9,0; L2036-AL-10,0; L2036-AL-11,0; L2036-AL-12,0; L2036-AL-14,0; L2036-AN-3,0; L2036-AR-1,0; L2036-AW-1,0; L2036-AZ-1,0; L2036-BA-1,0; L2036-CA-1,0; L2036-R-2,0; L2036-T-1,0; L2036-U-1,0; L2036-V-5,0; L2036-V-17,0; L2036-W-1,0; L2036-X-1,0; L2036-X-2,0; L2036-X-3,0; L2036-X-4,0; L2036-X-5,0; L2036-X-6,0; L2036-X-7,0; L2036-X-8,0; L2036-X-9,0; L2036-X-10,0
L2036 Cluster 5 L2036-O-1,0; L2036-O-2,0
L2036 Cluster 6 L2036-O-3,0; L2036-O-4,0; L2036-O-5,0; L2036-O-6,0; L2036-O-7,0; L2036-Y-1,0
L2036 Cluster 7 L2036-AN-4,0; L2036-B-1,0; L2036-B-2,0; L2036-R-4,0; L2036-U-5,0; L2036-V-9,0; L2036-V-13,0; L2036-V-18,0
L2036 Cluster 8 L2036-AK-17,0; L2036-Q-1,0
L2036 Cluster 9 L2036-*D-1,0; L2036-*D-2,0; L2036-*D-3,0; L2036-*D-4,0; L2036-AE-3,0; L2036-AG-2,0; L2036-AI-2,0; L2036-AJ-2,0; L2036-AK-9,0; L2036-AK-10,0; L2036-AK-11,0; L2036-AK-12,0; L2036-AK-13,0; L2036-AK-14,0; L2036-AM-2,0; L2036-AN-2,0; L2036-AO-1,0; L2036-AX-1,0; L2036-AY-1,0; L2036-B-3,0; L2036-B-4,0; L2036-B-5,0; L2036-B-6,0; L2036-B-7,0; L2036-B-8,0; L2036-R-5,0; L2036-S-1,0; L2036-V-2,0; L2036-V-14,0; L2036-V-19,0; L2036-W-2,0
L2036 Cluster 10 L2036-Q-2,0
L2036 Cluster 12 L2036-R-12,0
L2036 Cluster 13 L2036-C-1,0; L2036-R-6,0; L2036-V-6,0; L2036-V-20,0
L2036 Cluster 14 L2036-*G-1,0; L2036-*G-2,0; L2036-*G-3,0; L2036-*G-4,0; L2036-C-2,0; L2036-C-3,0; L2036-R-7,0
L2036 Cluster 15 L2036-C-4,0
L2036 Cluster 16 L2036-C-5,0; L2036-C-6,0; L2036-R-8,0; L2036-U-2,0; L2036-V-7,0; L2036-V-21,0; L2036-W-3,0
L2036 Cluster 17 L2036-*E-1,0; L2036-*E-2,0; L2036-*E-3,0; L2036-*E-4,0; L2036-AE-4,0; L2036-AG-3,0; L2036-AL-1,0; L2036-AL-2,0; L2036-AL-3,0; L2036-AL-4,0; L2036-AL-5,0; L2036-AQ-1,0; L2036-C-9,0; L2036-R-9,0; L2036-U-3,0; L2036-V-10,0; L2036-V-15,0; L2036-V-22,0; L2036-W-4,0
L2036 Cluster 18 L2036-*F-1,0; L2036-*F-2,0; L2036-*F-3,0; L2036-*F-4,0; L2036-AK-18,0; L2036-AL-15,0; L2036-C-11,0; L2036-C-12,0; L2036-C-13,0; L2036-CB-1,0; L2036-CC-1,0; L2036-V-8,0; L2036-W-5,0; L2036-Z-1,0; L2036-Z-2,0; L2036-Z-3,0; L2036-Z-4,0; L2036-Z-5,0
L2036 Cluster 19 L2036-*C-7,0; L2036-*C-8,0; L2036-AF-4,0; L2036-AP-1,0; L2036-CD-1,0; L2036-CE-1,0; L2036-D-1,0; L2036-D-2,0; L2036-R-10,0; L2036-V-23,0; L2036-W-6,0; L2036-Z-6,0; L2036-Z-7,0; L2036-Z-8,0; L2036-Z-9,0; L2036-Z-10,0
L2036 Cluster 20 L2036-*B-1,0; L2036-*B-2,0; L2036-*B-3,0; L2036-*C-9,0; L2036-*C-10,0; L2036-AE-5,0; L2036-AF-3,0; L2036-AK-4,0; L2036-AK-5,0; L2036-AK-6,0; L2036-AK-7,0; L2036-AK-8,0; L2036-AK-19,0; L2036-AL-6,0; L2036-AL-7,0; L2036-AL-8,0; L2036-D-3,0; L2036-D-4,0; L2036-D-5,0; L2036-R-11,0; L2036-V-3,0; L2036-V-24,0
L2036 Cluster 21 L2036-*H-1,0; L2036-*H-2,0; L2036-*H-3,0; L2036-*H-4,0; L2036-AE-6,0; L2036-AF-2,0; L2036-D-6,0; L2036-V-11,0; L2036-V-16,0; L2036-V-25,0; L2036-W-7,0
L2036 Cluster 22 L2036-D-7,0; L2036-D-8,0
L2036 Cluster 23 L2036-D-9,0; L2036-O-8,0
L2036 Cluster 24 L2036-*C-11,0; L2036-*C-12,0; L2036-*I-1,0; L2036-*I-2,0; L2036-*I-3,0; L2036-*I-4,0; L2036-AF-1,0; L2036-CF-1,0; L2036-CG-1,0; L2036-D-10,0; L2036-O-9,0; L2036-O-10,0; L2036-R-13,0; L2036-V-12,0; L2036-V-26,0
L2047 Cluster 1 L2047-A-1,0; L2047-G-1,0; L2047-H-1,0
L2047 Cluster 2 L2047-A-2,0; L2047-A-3,0; L2047-G-2,0
L2047 Cluster 3 L2047-A-5,0; L2047-A-6,0
L2050 Cluster 1 L2050-A-1,0
L2054 Cluster 1 L2054-A-1,0; L2054-D-1,0; L2054-E-1,0; L2054-F-1,0; L2054-I-1,0; L2054-J-1,0; L2054-K-1,0; L2054-L-4,0; L2054-P-1,0; L2054-P-5,0; L2054-P-7,0; L2054-P-8,0; L2054-P-9,0; L2054-Q-1,0
L2054 Cluster 2 L2054-A-2,0; L2054-D-2,0; L2054-E-2,0; L2054-F-2,0; L2054-I-2,0; L2054-J-2,0; L2054-L-3,0; L2054-M-1,0; L2054-N-1,0; L2054-O-2,0; L2054-P-2,0; L2054-P-6,0; L2054-P-10,0; L2054-P-13,0; L2054-Q-2,0; L2054-R-1,0
L2054 Cluster 3 L2054-A-3,0; L2054-B-1,0; L2054-B-2,0; L2054-B-3,0; L2054-B-4,0; L2054-D-3,0; L2054-I-3,0; L2054-L-1,0; L2054-M-3,0; L2054-P-11,0; L2054-Q-3,0
L2054 Cluster 4 L2054-A-4,0; L2054-C-1,0; L2054-C-2,0; L2054-C-3,0; L2054-C-4,0; L2054-D-4,0; L2054-E-3,0; L2054-F-3,0; L2054-I-4,0; L2054-J-3,0; L2054-K-2,0; L2054-L-2,0; L2054-L-2,1; L2054-L-2,2; L2054-L-2,3; L2054-L-2,4; L2054-L-2,5; L2054-M-2,0; L2054-N-2,0; L2054-O-1,0; L2054-P-3,0; L2054-P-4,0; L2054-P-12,0; L2054-Q-4,0; L2054-R-2,0
L2054 Cluster 5 L2054-P-14,0; L2054-R-3,0; L2054-R-3,1; L2054-R-3,2; L2054-R-3,3; L2054-R-3,4; L2054-R-3,5; L2054-R-3,6; L2054-R-3,7; L2054-R-3,8; L2054-R-3,9; L2054-R-3,10; L2054-R-3,11; L2054-R-3,12
L2054 Cluster 6 L2054-S-1,0
L2055 Cluster 1 L2055-A-1,0; L2055-B-1,0; L2055-E-1,0; L2055-F-1,0; L2055-I-1,0; L2055-J-1,0
L2055 Cluster 2 L2055-E-2,0; L2055-F-2,0; L2055-G-1,0; L2055-M-5,0
L2055 Cluster 3 L2055-E-3,0; L2055-F-3,0
L2055 Cluster 4 L2055-A-2,0; L2055-B-2,0; L2055-E-4,0; L2055-F-4,0; L2055-G-2,0; L2055-H-1,0; L2055-M-1,0; L2055-M-7,0; L2055-M-11,0; L2055-N-2,0; L2055-P-1,0
L2055 Cluster 5 L2055-A-4,0; L2055-B-3,0; L2055-E-5,0; L2055-F-5,0; L2055-G-3,0; L2055-H-2,0; L2055-M-2,0; L2055-M-3,0; L2055-M-6,0; L2055-M-10,0; L2055-P-4,0; l2055-S-1,0; L2055-T-1,0; L2055-U-1,0
L2055 Cluster 6 L2055-A-3,0; L2055-B-4,0; L2055-F-6,0; L2055-G-4,0; L2055-I-2,0; L2055-J-2,0
L2055 Cluster 7 L2055-A-5,0; L2055-G-5,0; L2055-H-3,0; L2055-I-3,0; L2055-K-1,0; L2055-L-1,0; L2055-L-1,1; L2055-L-1,2; L2055-L-1,3; L2055-L-1,4; L2055-L-1,5; L2055-N-1,1; L2055-N-1,2; L2055-N-1,3; L2055-N-1,0; L2055-Q-1,0; L2055-Q-2,0; L2055-Q-2,1; L2055-Q-2,2; L2055-Q-2,3; L2055-Q-2,4; L2055-Q-2,5; L2055-Q-2,6; L2055-Q-2,7; L2055-Q-2,8; L2055-Q-2,9; L2055-Q-2,10; L2055-Q-2,11; L2055-Q-3,0; L2055-Q-4,0; L2055-Q-4,1; L2055-Q-4,2; L2055-Q-4,3; L2055-Q-4,4; L2055-Q-4,5; L2055-Q-4,6
L2055 Cluster 8 L2055-A-6,0; L2055-G-6,0; L2055-H-4,0; L2055-M-8,0; L2055-O-2,0; L2055-P-2,0
L2055 Cluster 10 L2055-O-1,0
L2055 Cluster 11 L2055-M-4,0; L2055-M-9,0; L2055-P-3,0
L2069 Cluster 1 L2069-A-1,0
L2069 Cluster 2 L2069-A-2,0
L2069 Cluster 3 L2069-A-3,0
L2069 Cluster 4 L2069-A-4,0
L2069 Cluster 5 L2069-A-5,0
L2069 Cluster 6 L2069-B-1,0
L2069 Cluster 7 L2069-B-2,0
L2069 Cluster 8 L2069-B-3,0
L2069 Cluster 9 L2069-B-4,0
L2069 Cluster 10 L2069-B-5,0
L2069 Cluster 11 L2069-C-1,0
L2069 Cluster 12 L2069-C-2,0
L2069 Cluster 13 L2069-C-3,0
L2069 Cluster 14 L2069-C-4,0
L2069 Cluster 15 L2069-C-5,0
L2071 Cluster 1 L2071-A-1,0; L2071-F-1,0
L2071 Cluster 2 L2071-A-2,0; L2071-G-1,0; L2071-H-1,0; L2071-K-1,0; L2071-R-1,0; L2071-R-2,0; L2071-R-3,0; L2071-R-4,0; L2071-R-5,0; L2071-Z-1,0
L2071 Cluster 3 L2071-A-3,0; L2071-L-1,0; L2071-M-1,0; L2071-N-1,0
L2071 Cluster 4 L2071-A-4,0; L2071-U-1,0
L2071 Cluster 5 L2071-A-5,0; L2071-V-1,0
L2071 Cluster 6 L2071-A-6,0
L2071 Cluster 7 L2071-A-7,0
L2071 Cluster 8 L2071-A-8,0
L2071 Cluster 9 L2071-A-9,0; L2071-W-1,0
L2071 Cluster 10 L2071-A-10,0; L2071-A-11,0; L2071-AB-1,0
L2071 Cluster 11 L2071-B-1,0
L2071 Cluster 12 L2071-B-2,0; L2071-B-3,0; L2071-S-1,0; L2071-S-2,0; L2071-S-3,0; L2071-S-4,0; L2071-S-5,0; L2071-X-1,0
L2071 Cluster 13 L2071-B-4,0; L2071-T-1,0; L2071-T-2,0; L2071-T-3,0; L2071-T-4,0; L2071-T-5,0
L2071 Cluster 14 L2071-B-5,0
L2071 Cluster 15 L2071-B-6,0
L2071 Cluster 16 L2071-B-7,0
L2071 Cluster 17 L2071-B-8,0; L2071-B-14,0
L2071 Cluster 18 L2071-B-9,0; L2071-B-15,0
L2071 Cluster 19 L2071-B-10,0
L2071 Cluster 20 L2071-B-11,0
L2071 Cluster 21 L2071-C-1,0; L2071-C-2,0
L2071 Cluster 22 L2071-C-3,0; L2071-C-4,0
L2071 Cluster 23 L2071-C-5,0; L2071-C-6,0; L2071-I-1,0; L2071-J-1,0
L2071 Cluster 24 L2071-C-7,0
L2071 Cluster 25 L2071-C-8,0
L2071 Cluster 26 L2071-C-9,0; L2071-C-10,0; L2071-Y-1,0
L2071 Cluster 27 L2071-C-11,0; L2071-C-12,0
L2071 Cluster 28 L2071-C-13,0; L2071-C-14,0; L2071-C-15,0
L2071 Cluster 29 L2071-C-16,0
L2071 Cluster 30 L2071-C-17,0
L2071 Cluster 31 L2071-D-1,0
L2071 Cluster 32 L2071-D-2,0
L2076 Cluster 1 L2076-A-1,0
L2076 Cluster 2 L2076-A-2,0; L2076-J-1,0; L2076-K-1,0
L2076 Cluster 3 L2076-A-3,0
L2076 Cluster 4 L2076-A-4,0; L2076-L-1,0; L2076-M-1,0; L2076-N-1,0; L2076-R-1,0; L2076-R-2,0; L2076-R-3,0; L2076-R-4,0; L2076-R-5,0
L2076 Cluster 5 L2076-A-5,0
L2076 Cluster 6 L2076-A-6,0
L2076 Cluster 7 L2076-A-7,0; L2076-O-1,0; L2076-P-1,0; L2076-Q-1,0; L2076-S-2,0; L2076-S-1,0; L2076-S-3,0; L2076-S-4,0; L2076-S-5,0
L2076 Cluster 8 L2076-A-8,0
L2076 Cluster 9 L2076-B-1,0
L2076 Cluster 10 L2076-B-2,0; L2076-E-1,0
L2076 Cluster 11 L2076-B-3,0
L2076 Cluster 12 L2076-B-4,0
L2076 Cluster 13 L2076-B-5,0; L2076-H-1,0; L2076-I-1,0
L2076 Cluster 14 L2076-B-6,0
L2076 Cluster 15 L2076-B-7,0
L2076 Cluster 16 L2076-B-8,0; L2076-F-1,0; L2076-G-1,0
L2079 Cluster 1 L2079-A-1,0; L2079-A-2,0; L2079-K-1,0; L2079-M-1,0
L2079 Cluster 2 L2079-A-3,0; L2079-A-4,0; L2079-N-1,0; L2079-N-2,0; L2079-N-3,0; L2079-N-4,0; L2079-N-5,0
L2079 Cluster 3 L2079-A-5,0; L2079-A-6,0; L2079-I-1,0; L2079-J-1,0
L2079 Cluster 4 L2079-A-7,0; L2079-A-8,0
L2079 Cluster 5 L2079-A-9,0; L2079-A-10,0
L2079 Cluster 6 L2079-A-11,0; L2079-A-12,0
L2083 Cluster 1 L2083-A-1,0
L2083 Cluster 2 L2083-A-2,0; L2083-A-3,0
L2083 Cluster 3 L2083-A-4,0; L2083-A-5,0
L2083 Cluster 4 L2083-A-6,0
L2083 Cluster 5 L2083-A-7,0
L2083 Cluster 6 L2083-A-8,0
L2083 Cluster 7 L2083-A-9,0
L2083 Cluster 8 L2083-A-10,0
L2083 Cluster 9 L2083-A-11,0
L2083 Cluster 10 L2083-A-12,0
L2083 Cluster 11 L2083-B-1,0; L2083-I-1,0; L2083-J-1,0; L2083-K-1,0; L2083-K-2,0; L2083-K-3,0; L2083-K-4,0; L2083-K-5,0; L2083-L-1,0
L2083 Cluster 12 L2083-B-2,0
L2083 Cluster 13 L2083-B-3,0
L2083 Cluster 14 L2083-B-4,0
L2083 Cluster 15 L2083-B-5,0
L2083 Cluster 16 L2083-B-6,0
L2083 Cluster 17 L2083-B-7,0
L2083 Cluster 18 L2083-B-8,0
L2083 Cluster 19 L2083-B-9,0
L2083 Cluster 20 L2083-B-10,0; L2083-B-11,0
L2090 Cluster 1 L2090-A-1,0
L2090 Cluster 2 L2090-A-2,0
L2090 Cluster 3 L2090-A-3,0
L2090 Cluster 4 L2090-A-4,0
L2091 Cluster 1 L2091-A-1,0
L2098 Cluster 1 L2098-A-1,0
L2098 Cluster 2 L2098-A-2,0; L2098-B-1,0
L2098 Cluster 3 L2098-A-3,0
L2098 Cluster 4 L2098-A-4,0
L2098 Cluster 5 L2098-A-5,0
L2098 Cluster 6 L2098-A-6,0
L2098 Cluster 7 L2098-A-7,0
L2099 Cluster 1 L2099-A-1,0
L2099 Cluster 2 L2099-A-2,0
L2099 Cluster 3 L2099-A-3,0
L2099 Cluster 4 L2099-A-4,0
L2099 Cluster 5 L2099-A-5,0
L2099 Cluster 6 L2099-A-6,0
L2099 Cluster 7 L2099-A-7,0
L2099 Cluster 8 L2099-A-8,0
L2099 Cluster 9 L2099-A-9,0
L2100 Cluster 1 L2100-A-1,0
L2100 Cluster 2 L2100-A-2,0
L2100 Cluster 3 L2100-A-3,0
L2100 Cluster 4 L2100-A-4,0
L2100 Cluster 5 L2100-A-5,0
L2100 Cluster 6 L2100-A-6,0
L2100 Cluster 7 L2100-A-7,0
L2100 Cluster 8 L2100-A-8,0
L2100 Cluster 9 L2100-A-9,0
L2101 Cluster 1 L2101-A-1,0
L2101 Cluster 2 L2101-A-2,0
L2101 Cluster 3 L2101-A-3,0
L2101 Cluster 4 L2101-A-4,0
L2101 Cluster 5 L2101-A-5,0
L2101 Cluster 6 L2101-A-6,0
L2101 Cluster 7 L2101-A-7,0
L2101 Cluster 8 L2101-A-8,0
L2101 Cluster 9 L2101-A-9,0
L2103 Cluster 1 L2103-A-1,0
L2103 Cluster 2 L2103-A-2,0
L2103 Cluster 3 L2103-A-3,0
L2103 Cluster 4 L2103-A-4,0
L2103 Cluster 5 L2103-A-5,0
L2103 Cluster 6 L2103-A-6,0
L2103 Cluster 7 L2103-A-7,0
L2103 Cluster 8 L2103-A-8,0
L2103 Cluster 9 L2103-A-9,0
L2103 Cluster 10 L2103-A-10,0
L2103 Cluster 11 L2103-A-11,0
L2103 Cluster 12 L2103-A-12,0
L2105 Cluster 1 L2105-A-1,0
L2105 Cluster 2 L2105-A-2,0
L2105 Cluster 3 L2105-A-3,0
L2105 Cluster 4 L2105-A-4,0
L2105 Cluster 5 L2105-A-5,0
L2105 Cluster 6 L2105-A-6,0
L2105 Cluster 7 L2105-A-7,0
L2105 Cluster 8 L2105-A-8,0
L2105 Cluster 9 L2105-A-9,0
L2105 Cluster 10 L2105-A-10,0
L2105 Cluster 11 L2105-A-11,0
L2105 Cluster 12 L2105-A-12,0
L2105 Cluster 13 L2105-A-13,0
L2105 Cluster 14 L2105-A-14,0
U2001 Cluster 1 U2001-A-19,0; U2001-D-8,0; U2001-F-1,0; U2001-G-1,0; U2001-G-2,0; U2001-G-3,0; U2001-G-4,0; U2001-G-5,0; U2001-H-1,0
U2001 Cluster 2 U2001-A-1,0; U2001-A-2,0; U2001-E-16,0
U2011 Cluster 1 U2011-H-1,0
U2011 Cluster 2 U2011-H-2,0; U2011-I-1,0; U2011-I-2,0; U2011-I-3,0; U2011-I-4,0; U2011-I-5,0
U2011 Cluster *A U2011-*A-1,0; U2011-*A-2,0; U2011-*A-3,0; U2011-*A-4,0; U2011-C-1,0
U2011 Cluster *B U2011-*B-1,0; U2011-*B-2,0; U2011-*B-3,0; U2011-C-2,0; U2011-C-3,0; U2011-C-4,0
U2015 Cluster 1 U2015-J-1,0; U2015-K-1,0; U2015-K-2,0; U2015-K-3,0; U2015-K-4,0; U2015-K-5,0
U2015 Cluster 2 U2015-H-5,0; U2015-I-1,0; U2015-M-1,0
U2015 Cluster 3 U2015-A-5,0; U2015-A-6,0; U2015-A-7,0; U2015-B-7,0; U2015-B-8,0; U2015-B-10,0; U2015-H-4,0; U2015-I-2,0
U2015 Cluster 4 U2015-A-8,0; U2015-H-3,0; U2015-I-3,0
U2015 Cluster 5 U2015-*C-1,0; U2015-H-2,0; U2015-I-4,0
U2015 Cluster 6 U2015-B-13,0; U2015-H-1,0
U2015 Cluster 7 U2015-I-5,0; U2015-L-1,0
U2015 Cluster *A U2015-*A-1,0; U2015-*A-2,0; U2015-*A-3,0; U2015-*A-4,0; U2015-*A-5,0; U2015-*A-6,0; U2015-*A-7,0; U2015-B-1,0; U2015-B-2,0; U2015-B-3,0; U2015-B-4,0; U2015-B-5,0; U2015-B-6,0; U2015-G-1,0; U2015-G-2,0
U2015 Cluster *B U2015-*B-1,0; U2015-*B-2,0; U2015-*B-3,0; U2015-B-9,0; U2015-G-3,0
U2022 Cluster 1 U2022-A-3,0; U2022-E-8,0; U2022-G-3,0; U2022-I-1,0; U2022-J-1,0; U2022-K-1,0
U2034 Cluster *A U2034-*A-1,0; U2034-*A-2,0; U2034-*A-3,0
U2061 Cluster 1 U2061-1,0
U2121 Cluster 1 U2121-A-1,0; U2121-B-1,0; U2121-C-1,0; U2121-D-1,0; U2121-E-1,0; U2121-F-1,0; U2121-G-1,0; U2121-H-4,0; U2121-I-1,0; U2121-J-1,0
U2121 Cluster 2 U2121-A-2,0; U2121-B-2,0; U2121-D-2,0; U2121-E-2,0; U2121-F-2,0; U2121-G-2,0; U2121-H-5,0; U2121-I-2,0; U2121-J-2,0
U2121 Cluster 3 U2121-A-3,0; U2121-B-3,0
U2153 Cluster 1 U2153-A-1,0; U2153-A-2,0; U2153-A-3,0; U2153-A-13,0; U2153-A-15,0; U2153-A-16,0; U2153-A-23,0; U2153-B-1,0; U2153-B-2,0; U2153-D-1,0; U2153-N-3,0; U2153-N-4,0; U2153-O-1,0
U2153 Cluster 2 U2153-A-4,0; U2153-A-5,0; U2153-A-6,0; U2153-A-17,0; U2153-A-24,0; U2153-A-25,0; U2153-B-3,0; U2153-B-4,0; U2153-E-1,0; U2153-I-1,0; U2153-N-5,0
U2153 Cluster 3 U2153-A-8,0; U2153-A-9,0; U2153-A-11,0; U2153-A-19,0; U2153-A-20,0; U2153-B-5,0; U2153-C-1,0; U2153-F-1,0; U2153-J-1,0; U2153-K-1,0
U2153 Cluster 4 U2153-A-7,0; U2153-A-10,0; U2153-A-12,0; U2153-A-14,0; U2153-A-21,0; U2153-A-22,0; U2153-A-26,0; U2153-A-27,0; U2153-C-2,0; U2153-C-3,0; U2153-G-1,0; U2153-H-1,0; U2153-L-1,0; U2153-M-1,0; U2153-N-1,0; U2153-N-2,0; U2153-P-1,0
U2155 Cluster 1 U2155-A-1,0
U2155 Cluster 2 U2155-A-2,0
U2155 Cluster 3 U2155-A-3,0
U2155 Cluster 4 U2155-A-4,0
U2157 Cluster 1 U2157-A-1,0
U2157 Cluster 2 U2157-A-2,0
U2157 Cluster 3 U2157-A-3,0
U2158 Cluster 1 U2158-A-1,0
U2158 Cluster 2 U2158-A-2,0
U2158 Cluster 3 U2158-A-3,0
U2158 Cluster 5 U2158-A-5,0
U2158 Cluster 6 U2158-A-6,0
U2158 Cluster 8 U2158-A-8,0
U2158 Cluster 9 U2158-A-9,0
U2158 Cluster 10 U2158-A-10,0
U2158 Cluster 11 U2158-A-11,0
U2158 Cluster 12 U2158-A-12,0
U2158 Cluster 13 U2158-A-13,0
U2158 Cluster 14 U2158-A-14,0
U2158 Cluster 15 U2158-A-15,0
U2158 Cluster 16 U2158-A-16,0
U2158 Cluster 17 U2158-A-17,0
U2158 Cluster 18 U2158-B-1,0
U2158 Cluster 19 U2158-B-2,0
U2158 Cluster 20 U2158-B-3,0
U2158 Cluster 21 U2158-B-4,0
U2158 Cluster 22 U2158-B-5,0
U2158 Cluster 23 U2158-B-6,0
U2158 Cluster 24 U2158-B-7,0
U2158 Cluster 25 U2158-B-8,0
U2158 Cluster 26 U2158-B-9,0
U2158 Cluster 27 U2158-B-10,0
U2158 Cluster 28 U2158-B-11,0
U2158 Cluster 29 U2158-B-12,0
U2158 Cluster 30 U2158-B-13,0
U2158 Cluster 31 U2158-B-14,0
U2158 Cluster 32 U2158-B-15,0
U2158 Cluster 33 U2158-B-16,0
U2158 Cluster 34 U2158-C-1,0
U2158 Cluster 36 U2158-C-2,0
U2158 Cluster 38 U2158-C-3,0
U2158 Cluster 39 U2158-C-4,0
U2158 Cluster 40 U2158-C-5,0
U2158 Cluster 41 U2158-C-6,0
U2158 Cluster 42 U2158-C-7,0
U2158 Cluster 43 U2158-C-8,0
U2158 Cluster 44 U2158-C-9,0
U2158 Cluster 45 U2158-C-10,0
U2158 Cluster 46 U2158-C-11,0
U2158 Cluster 47 U2158-C-12,0
U2158 Cluster 48 U2158-C-13,0
U2158 Cluster 49 U2158-C-14,0
U2158 Cluster 50 U2158-C-15,0
U2158 Cluster 51 U2158-C-16,0; U2158-D-1,0
U2158 Cluster 52 U2158-D-2,0
U2158 Cluster 54 U2158-D-3,0
U2158 Cluster 55 U2158-D-4,0
U2158 Cluster 56 U2158-D-5,0
U2158 Cluster 57 U2158-D-6,0
U2158 Cluster 58 U2158-D-7,0
U2158 Cluster 59 U2158-D-8,0
U2159 Cluster 1 U2159-A-1,0
U2159 Cluster 2 U2159-A-2,0
U2159 Cluster 3 U2159-A-3,0
U2159 Cluster 4 U2159-A-4,0
U2159 Cluster 5 U2159-A-5,0
U2159 Cluster 6 U2159-A-6,0
U2159 Cluster 7 U2159-A-7,0
U2159 Cluster 8 U2159-A-8,0
U2159 Cluster 9 U2159-A-9,0
U2160 Cluster 1 U2160-A-1,0; U2160-A-5,0; U2160-D-1,0; U2160-D-2,0
U2162 Cluster 1 U2162-A-1,0
U2162 Cluster 2 U2162-A-2,0
U2162 Cluster 3 U2162-A-3,0
U2162 Cluster 4 U2162-A-4,0
U2162 Cluster 5 U2162-A-5,0
U2162 Cluster 6 U2162-A-6,0
U2162 Cluster 7 U2162-A-7,0
U2162 Cluster 8 U2162-A-8,0
U2162 Cluster 9 U2162-A-9,0
U2162 Cluster 10 U2162-A-10,0
U2162 Cluster 11 U2162-A-11,0
U2162 Cluster 12 U2162-A-12,0
U2162 Cluster 13 U2162-A-13,0
U2162 Cluster 14 U2162-A-14,0
U2162 Cluster 15 U2162-A-15,0
U2162 Cluster 16 U2162-A-18,0
U2162 Cluster 17 U2162-A-19,0
U2162 Cluster 18 U2162-B-1,0
U2162 Cluster 19 U2162-B-2,0
U2162 Cluster 20 U2162-B-3,0
U2162 Cluster 21 U2162-B-4,0
U2162 Cluster 22 U2162-B-5,0
U2162 Cluster 23 U2162-B-6,0
U2162 Cluster 24 U2162-B-7,0
U2162 Cluster 25 U2162-A-17,0
U2162 Cluster 26 U2162-A-16,0
U2162 Cluster 27 U2162-B-8,0
U2162 Cluster 28 U2162-B-9,0
U2162 Cluster 29 U2162-B-10,0
U2162 Cluster 30 U2162-B-11,0
U2162 Cluster 31 U2162-B-12,0
U2162 Cluster 32 U2162-B-13,0
U2162 Cluster 33 U2162-B-14,0
U2162 Cluster 34 U2162-B-15,0
U2162 Cluster 35 U2162-B-16,0
U2162 Cluster 36 U2162-B-17,0
U2162 Cluster 37 U2162-B-18,0
U2163 Cluster 1 U2163-A-1,0
U2163 Cluster 2 U2163-A-2,0
U2163 Cluster 3 U2163-A-3,0
U2163 Cluster 4 U2163-A-4,0
U2163 Cluster 5 U2163-A-5,0
U2163 Cluster 6 U2163-A-6,0
U2163 Cluster 7 U2163-A-7,0
U2163 Cluster 8 U2163-A-8,0
U2163 Cluster 9 U2163-A-9,0
U2163 Cluster 10 U2163-A-10,0
U2163 Cluster 11 U2163-A-11,0
U2163 Cluster 12 U2163-A-12,0
U2163 Cluster 13 U2163-A-13,0
U2163 Cluster 14 U2163-A-14,0
U2163 Cluster 15 U2163-B-1,0
U2163 Cluster 16 U2163-B-2,0
U2163 Cluster 17 U2163-B-3,0
U2163 Cluster 18 U2163-B-4,0
U2163 Cluster 19 U2163-B-5,0
U2163 Cluster 20 U2163-B-6,0
U2163 Cluster 21 U2163-B-7,0
U2163 Cluster 22 U2163-B-8,0
U2163 Cluster 23 U2163-B-9,0
U2163 Cluster 24 U2163-B-10,0
U2163 Cluster 25 U2163-B-11,0
U2163 Cluster 26 U2163-B-12,0
U2163 Cluster 27 U2163-B-13,0
U2168 Cluster 1 U2168-A-1,0; U2168-A-2,0
U2168 Cluster 2 U2168-A-3,0; U2168-A-4,0
U2168 Cluster 3 U2168-A-5,0; U2168-A-6,0
U2168 Cluster 4 U2168-A-7,0; U2168-A-8,0
U2168 Cluster 5 U2168-A-9,0; U2168-A-10,0
U2168 Cluster 6 U2168-A-11,0; U2168-A-12,0
U2168 Cluster 7 U2168-A-13,0; U2168-A-14,0
U2168 Cluster 8 U2168-A-15,0; U2168-A-16,0
U2168 Cluster 9 U2168-B-1,0; U2168-B-2,0
U2168 Cluster 10 U2168-B-3,0; U2168-B-4,0
U2168 Cluster 11 U2168-B-5,0; U2168-B-6,0
U2168 Cluster 12 U2168-B-7,0; U2168-B-8,0
U2168 Cluster 13 U2168-E-1,0; U2168-E-2,0
U2168 Cluster 14 U2168-E-3,0; U2168-E-4,0
U2168 Cluster 15 U2168-E-5,0; U2168-E-6,0
U2168 Cluster 16 U2168-E-7,0; U2168-E-8,0
U2168 Cluster 17 U2168-E-9,0; U2168-E-10,0
U2168 Cluster 18 U2168-E-11,0; U2168-E-12,0
U2170 Cluster 1 U2170-A-1,0; U2170-A-2,0
U2170 Cluster 2 U2170-A-3,0; U2170-A-4,0; U2170-C-15,0; U2170-C-16,0
U2170 Cluster 3 U2170-A-5,0; U2170-A-6,0
U2170 Cluster 4 U2170-A-7,0; U2170-A-8,0
U2170 Cluster 5 U2170-A-9,0; U2170-A-10,0
U2170 Cluster 6 U2170-A-11,0; U2170-A-12,0
U2170 Cluster 7 U2170-A-13,0; U2170-A-14,0
U2170 Cluster 8 U2170-A-15,0; U2170-A-16,0
U2170 Cluster 9 U2170-B-1,0; U2170-B-2,0
U2170 Cluster 10 U2170-B-3,0; U2170-B-4,0
U2170 Cluster 11 U2170-B-5,0; U2170-B-6,0
U2170 Cluster 12 U2170-B-7,0; U2170-B-8,0
U2170 Cluster 13 U2170-B-9,0; U2170-B-10,0
U2170 Cluster 14 U2170-B-11,0; U2170-B-12,0
U2170 Cluster 15 U2170-B-13,0; U2170-B-14,0
U2170 Cluster 16 U2170-B-15,0; U2170-B-16,0
U2170 Cluster 17 U2170-C-1,0; U2170-C-2,0
U2170 Cluster 18 U2170-C-3,0; U2170-C-4,0
U2170 Cluster 19 U2170-C-5,0; U2170-C-6,0
U2170 Cluster 20 U2170-C-7,0; U2170-C-8,0
U2170 Cluster 21 U2170-C-9,0; U2170-C-10,0
U2170 Cluster 22 U2170-C-11,0; U2170-C-12,0
U2170 Cluster 23 U2170-C-13,0; U2170-C-14,0
U2172 Cluster 1 U2172-B-1,0; U2172-B-2,0
U2172 Cluster 2 U2172-B-3,0; U2172-B-4,0
U2172 Cluster 3 U2172-B-5,0; U2172-B-6,0
U2172 Cluster 4 U2172-B-7,0; U2172-B-8,0
U2172 Cluster 5 U2172-B-9,0; U2172-B-10,0
U2172 Cluster 6 U2172-F-1,0; U2172-F-2,0
U2172 Cluster 7 U2172-F-3,0; U2172-F-4,0
U2172 Cluster 8 U2172-E-13,0; U2172-E-14,0
U2172 Cluster 9 U2172-G-1,0; U2172-G-2,0
U2172 Cluster 10 U2172-G-3,0; U2172-G-4,0
U2172 Cluster 11 U2172-G-5,0; U2172-G-6,0
U2172 Cluster 12 U2172-G-7,0; U2172-G-8,0
U2172 Cluster 13 U2172-I-1,0; U2172-I-2,0
U2172 Cluster 14 U2172-I-3,0; U2172-I-4,0
U2172 Cluster 15 U2172-H-11,0; U2172-H-12,0
U2172 Cluster 16 U2172-H-13,0; U2172-H-14,0
U2172 Cluster 17 U2172-H-15,0; U2172-H-16,0
W7010 Cluster *A W7010-*A-1,0; W7010-*A-2,0; W7010-*A-3,0; W7010-*A-4,0; W7010-*A-5,0; W7010-*A-6,0; W7010-*A-7,0; W7010-C-3,0
W7011 Cluster 1 W7011-A-1,0; W7011-A-2,0
W7011 Cluster 2 W7011-A-3,0; W7011-A-4,0
W7011 Cluster 3 W7011-A-5,0; W7011-A-6,0
W7011 Cluster 4 W7011-A-7,0; W7011-A-8,0
W7011 Cluster 5 W7011-A-9,0; W7011-A-10,0
W7011 Cluster 6 W7011-A-11,0; W7011-A-12,0
W7011 Cluster 7 W7011-A-13,0; W7011-A-14,0
W7011 Cluster 8 W7011-A-15,0; W7011-A-16,0
W7011 Cluster 9 W7011-B-1,0; W7011-B-2,0
W7011 Cluster 10 W7011-B-3,0; W7011-B-4,0
W7011 Cluster 11 W7011-D-1,0; W7011-D-2,0
W7011 Cluster 12 W7011-D-3,0; W7011-D-4,0
W7011 Cluster 13 W7011-D-5,0; W7011-D-6,0
W7011 Cluster 14 W7011-D-7,0; W7011-D-8,0
W7013 Cluster 1 W7013-A-7,0; W7013-A-8,0; W7013-A-11,0; W7013-B-13,0; W7013-B-14,0; W7013-B-15,0; W7013-B-16,0; W7013-B-17,0; W7013-C-2,0; W7013-I-1,0; W7013-J-1,0; W7013-K-1,0; W7013-K-2,0; W7013-K-3,0; W7013-K-4,0; W7013-K-5,0; W7013-L-1,0; W7013-M-1,0; W7013-N-1,0
W7026 Cluster *A W7026-*A-1,0; W7026-*A-2,0; W7026-*A-3,0
W7028 Cluster *C W7028-*C-1,0; W7028-*C-2,0; W7028-*C-3,0; W7028-*C-4,0
W7029 Cluster 1 W7029-M-1,0; W7029-N-3,0; W7029-N-4,0; W7029-N-5,0; W7029-N-6,0; W7029-N-7,0; W7029-O-1,0; W7029-P-1,0
W7029 Cluster 2 W7029-N-1,0; W7029-N-2,0; W7029-Q-1,0
W7029 Cluster *A W7029-*A-1,0; W7029-*A-2,0; W7029-*A-3,0; W7029-*A-4,0; W7029-*A-5,0; W7029-*A-6,0; W7029-*A-7,0; W7029-*A-8,0; W7029-*A-9,0; W7029-*A-10,0; W7029-*A-11,0; W7029-*A-13,0; W7029-*A-14,0; W7029-*A-15,0; W7029-*A-16,0; W7029-*A-17,0; W7029-*A-18,0; W7029-*A-19,0; W7029-*A-20,0; W7029-*A-21,0; W7029-*A-22,0; W7029-*A-23,0; W7029-*A-24,0; W7029-*A-25,0; W7029-*A-26,0; W7029-*A-27,0; W7029-*A-28,0; W7029-*A-29,0; W7029-*A-30,0; W7029-*A-31,0; W7029-*A-32,0; W7029-*A-33,0; W7029-*A-34,0
W7029 Cluster *B W7029-*B-1,0; W7029-*B-2,0; W7029-*B-3,0; W7029-*B-4,0; W7029-*B-5,0; W7029-*B-6,0; W7029-*B-7,0; W7029-*B-8,0; W7029-*B-9,0; W7029-*B-10,0
W7029 Cluster *C W7029-*C-1,0; W7029-*C-2,0; W7029-*C-3,0
W7031 Cluster 1 W7031-F-1,0; W7031-G-1,0
W7031 Cluster *A W7031-*A-1,0; W7031-*A-2,0; W7031-*A-3,0; W7031-*A-4,0; W7031-*A-5,0; W7031-A-1,0; W7031-E-1,0
W7031 Cluster *B W7031-*B-1,0; W7031-*B-2,0; W7031-*B-3,0; W7031-*B-4,0; W7031-*B-5,0; W7031-A-2,0; W7031-E-3,0; W7031-E-4,0
W7031 Cluster *C W7031-*C-1,0; W7031-*C-2,0; W7031-*C-3,0; W7031-*C-4,0; W7031-A-5,0; W7031-E-2,0
W7031 Cluster *D W7031-*D-1,0; W7031-A-9,0; W7031-E-5,0; W7031-E-6,0
W7066 Cluster 1 W7066-C-1,0; W7066-D-1,0; W7066-E-1,0
W7066 Cluster *A W7066-*A-1,0; W7066-*A-2,0; W7066-*A-3,0; W7066-*A-4,0; W7066-*A-5,0; W7066-*A-6,0; W7066-A-1,0; W7066-A-5,0; W7066-B-1,0; W7066-B-2,0
W7069 Cluster 1 W7069-C-1,0; W7069-D-1,0
W7069 Cluster *A W7069-*A-1,0; W7069-*A-2,0; W7069-*A-3,0; W7069-*A-4,0; W7069-A-1,0; W7069-B-2,0; W7069-B-3,0
W7069 Cluster *B W7069-*B-1,0; W7069-*B-2,0; W7069-*B-3,0; W7069-A-2,0; W7069-B-1,0
W7071 Cluster *A W7071-*A-1,0; W7071-*A-2,0; W7071-*A-3,0; W7071-*A-4,0; W7071-A-1,0; W7071-A-2,0; W7071-B-1,0
W7074 Cluster 1 W7074-D-9,0; W7074-D-10,0; W7074-D-11,0
W7074 Cluster 2 W7074-F-6,0; W7074-J-1,0
W7190 Cluster 1 W7190-A-1,0; W7190-A-2,0; W7190-A-2,1; W7190-A-2,2; W7190-A-2,3; W7190-A-2,4; W7190-A-2,5; W7190-A-3,0; W7190-A-4,0; W7190-A-5,0; W7190-A-6,0
W7317 Cluster 1 W7317-A-1,0
W7317 Cluster 2 W7317-A-2,0
W7317 Cluster 3 W7317-A-3,0
W7317 Cluster 4 W7317-A-4,0
W7317 Cluster 5 W7317-A-5,0
W7317 Cluster 6 W7317-A-6,0
W7317 Cluster 7 W7317-A-7,0
W7317 Cluster 8 W7317-A-8,0
W7317 Cluster 9 W7317-A-9,0
W7317 Cluster 10 W7317-A-10,0
W7317 Cluster 11 W7317-A-11,0
W7317 Cluster 12 W7317-A-12,0
W7317 Cluster 13 W7317-A-13,0
W7317 Cluster 14 W7317-A-14,0
W7317 Cluster 15 W7317-A-15,0; W7317-C-1,0; W7317-C-2,0
W7317 Cluster 16 W7317-A-16,0
W7317 Cluster 17 W7317-A-17,0
W7318 Cluster 1 W7318-A-1,0; W7318-A-2,0
W7318 Cluster 2 W7318-A-3,0; W7318-A-4,0
W7318 Cluster 3 W7318-A-5,0; W7318-A-6,0
W7319 Cluster 1 W7319-A-1,0; W7319-A-2,0
W7319 Cluster 2 W7319-A-3,0; W7319-A-4,0
W7319 Cluster 3 W7319-A-5,0; W7319-A-6,0
W7319 Cluster 4 W7319-A-7,0; W7319-A-8,0
W7319 Cluster 5 W7319-A-9,0; W7319-A-10,0
W7319 Cluster 6 W7319-A-11,0; W7319-A-12,0
W7319 Cluster 7 W7319-A-13,0; W7319-A-14,0