Unusual Bolide Activity on October 3rd

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Unusual Bolide Activity on October 3rd

There were numerous reports of unusual meteor events over Texas and California on October 3, 1996. Mr. Frederic Volz, an experienced observer of the stratosphere, also reported unusual haze streamers above cirrus level, possibly in the stratosphere, near Boston on the same day. As it happens, we were flying large area (LAC) cosmic dust collectors in the western US at that time. Thus, we removed the four LAC plates for an optical inspection. The collectors appeared to have only the normal load of particles, although we have not removed any particles for more detailed analysis. Since these four collectors had only sampled for 23.5 hours (from Sept. 26 through Oct 11, 1996), and we like to fly them for at least twice that period, we sent three LAC plates back to the plane for additional collecting. However, we have retained one LAC collector without any further flights in the event that some investigator would like to look for possible particles from the bolide activity of October 3. This plate is L2042. Ask for it by name.