Employee Farewell

Another milestone has been reached in the life of one of our curatorial personnel. In June 2001, Lige (Bill) Williams, our friend and mechanical technician for many years, retired from Lockheed Martin. Bill, who played a great role in the Lunar Curatorial Laboratories, spent many years helping to maintain the laboratories and clean tools and containers. He worked in the Lunar Sample Facility (Pristine and Return Sample Laboratories), Meteorite Laboratory, Cosmic Dust and FOILS Laboratories, and Final Clean Laboratory. He also assisted with many other aspects of curation, whenever needed. Bill's 18 years at NASA JSC entailed service with Northrop Services, Inc., as well as Lockheed Martin.

Bill Williams

During his "off work" time, Bill is a sportsman. For recreation, he cruises the waters in his 20-foot Bayliner Cruiser. He also works on automobiles.

Bill Williams was born in East Texas. He retired from the U.S. Navy in 1976 as Chief Engineman. He is the father of one son, Hardee, and two daughters, Gayle and Darla; and he is the grandfather of seven. He is retiring to enjoy the "better days of life," forgetting about clock watching and enjoying his leisure time.

We will miss Bill's singing at birthdays and other gatherings (not really), his laughter, and his presence. His expertise and years of knowledge will certainly be missed. We wish Bill all the best and good health in the coming years.