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Astromaterials Newsletter – Volume 1 No. 2 August 2019

Genesis News

Judith Allton, Genesis Curator

Lab Closure Notice
Genesis Lab will be closed for air handler replacement which is scheduled for mid-December through mid-February. This schedule is approximate, and it is an incentive to submit requests early!
Genesis Bulk Metallic Glass Characterization Begins
A bulk metallic glass flown on Genesis has been re-imaged in May 2019 and is available to be requested. Bulk metallic glasses exhibit properties advantageous for solar wind collection, especially for retaining noble gases [Figure 1].
This piece has an observable impact crater (~90-100 µm diameter). The material is the unused portion of a returned sample, consisting of a mixture of Zr, Nb, Cu, Ni and Al which underwent some surface mapping of contaminants [Figure 2].
Other pieces of the metallic glass, with more complicated and uncertain handling histories,
are available now for practice subdivision and handling.
Figure 1: Bulkmetallic glass sample 40598.0
Figure 1: Bulkmetallic glass sample 40598.0
Figure 2: Impact crater in sample 40598.0
Figure 2: Impact crater in sample 40598.0
[1] Jurewicz, A. J. G. et al. (2003) The Genesis Solar Wind Collectors. Space Sci. Rev. 105, 535-560.
[2] Grimberg, A. et al. (2007) Solar Wind Heluim, Neon, and Argon Isotopic and elemental composition: Data from the Metallic Glass flown on NASA's Genesis Mission, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72, 626-645.
Information about the Genesis Solar Wind Samples are available at the following link:
And the Genesis sample catalog can be found at the following link: