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Astromaterials Newsletter – Volume 1 No. 2 August 2019

Stardust News

Mike Zolensky, Stardust Curator

During the initial stages of the Bldg 31 deconstruction period, when ceilings, walls, floors, and other asbestos containing materials are being removed from adjacent spaces, most work in the Stardust Lab has been interrupted. To safeguard samples during this time, the samples have all been moved to the Return Sample Laboratory of the Lunar Curation Bldg. Samples are only being returned to the Stardust Lab when they are required for allocation and sample preparation activities.
Therefore, these activities have not interfered with any sample allocation activities. However, for the summer, and possibly into the fall, we are not removing cells from the Stardust cometary tray. Any keystoning activities that we have to perform will probably be done in the Hayabusa Curation Lab.