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Stardust Catalog Sample Information for Sample C2046,0

Information Details

Sample Number: C2046,0 Sample Status: Extracted
Alternate Name: Parent:
Sample Description: Cometary Aerogel Tile
Allocation Status: Reserved at WSF

Subsample List

Sample Description Allocation Status Generic Specific Track Grain Grid

Sample Notes

Sample Name Notes Category
C2046,0 The tile has one medium-sized track and four or five other smaller tracks. Processing
C2046,0 Level 2 examination of C2046 was conducted on February 8, 2006. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary reported. Processing
C2046,0 Cell C2046 was removed from the cometary grid on January 25, 2007 without incident. Cell transferred to White Sand remote storage facility as a posterity sample. Processing
C2046,0 All track / features (e.g., T1) numbers assigned during the Level 3 scanning are to be considered “Temporary” and in do not relate to the “Official” track number that is assigned when a given features ... Processing
C2046,0 February 5, 2007 T.H. See C2046 Removed tile C2046 from cabinet and mounted in the Level 3 fixture in the Level 2 orientation of the tile. This one has several large tracks visible to the unaided eye, ... Processing
C2046,0 C2046-T1 – Type B/C Track. Located 5.1 x 8.9 mm from left end of tile, just in side the broke off area. This large feature may be what caused the large fragment on the left top end to break off. See i ... Analysis
C2046,0 C2046-T2 – Long Type A track located at 13.6 x 19.6 mm from left end. Better images will be obtained from the back side after reversing tile. Only acquired one overall view from front. From the front, ... Analysis
C2046,0 C2046-T3 – Unusual, bore-hole looking track. Not of previously classified type as far as A-C. No Stylus out bottom. Simply, cylinder-shaped feature. No TP visible. EH ~ 12, MBW ~ 71, and TL ~ 360 230 ... Analysis
C2046,0 C2046-T4 – Located 20.2 x 4.1 mm. Type A carrot. Two white looking TPs at terminus of track. TL ~ 1892, MBW ~ 145, Bulb Depth ~ 620, and EH ~ 33 µm. Terminal particles of 10 & 12 µm located at terminu ... Analysis
C2046,0 C2046-T5 – Type B, three or four styli track near rear side of tile. Locate 29.2 x 20, essentially up against back surface or top edge in Level 2 orientation. Will get better detailed images after rev ... Analysis
C2046,0 C2046-T6 – Located on right end of tile at 38.8 6.2 mm. Image partially obscured by missing tile fragments distorting the path to the camera. Will try to image again after reversing tile. This feature ... Analysis

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