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Stardust Catalog Sample Information for Sample WCARMI1CPN,5

Information Details

Sample Number: WCARMI1CPN,5 Sample Status: Extracted
Alternate Name: Parent: WCARMI1CPN,0
Sample Description: WITNESS KEYSTONE
Allocation Status: Available

Subsample List

Sample Description Allocation Status Generic Specific Track Grain Grid
WCARMI1CPN,6  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,7  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,8  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Consumed  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,9  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Consumed  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,10  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,11  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,12  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0
WCARMI1CPN,13  2MM X 2MM X 5MM  Available  WCARMI1CPN  5  0  0  0

Sample Notes

No matching notes found for sample WCARMI1CPN,5.

Sample Photos

No matching photos found for sample WCARMI1CPN,5.

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File Name Sample Name Description Size File Type
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