Requesting Osiris-Rex Samples

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Requesting Osiris-Rex Samples

OSIRIS-REx Sample Requests are now being accepted. There will be two OSIRIS-REx request deadlines per year, which will be reviewed by a Panel of the Astromaterials Allocation Review Board (AARB).

All requests should be made using the official OSIRIS-REx request form and submitted via email to:

  • Nicole Lunning
  • OSIRIS-REx Sample Curator
  • Mail Code XI2
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
  • 2101 NASA Parkway
  • Houston, Texas 77058-3696
  • U.S.A.

All requests must use the official sample request form and follow the guidelines found in the Checklist to Request OSIRIS-REx Samples document. Refer to the OSIRIS-REx Investigators Guidebook for further instructions for Principal Investigators. Please note that all persons approved for OSIRIS-REx samples must have their institution sign and return a copy of the OSIRIS-REx Sample Agreement Form before any samples can be allocated.