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Antarctic Meteorite Sample Collection and Curation

Announcements of Sample Availability

Since June 1978, the US Antarctic Meteorite Program has published a semi-annual newsletter reporting new meteorites and information about the US Antarctic meteorite program (Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter). In some years, the newsletter has had three issues instead of two, and there have been special editions of the newsletter reporting the availability of an unusual or rare new meteorite. The newsletter was originally prepared in hard copy form and mailed to PIs. Newsletters became available in an online version in 1993, and also had a PDF version. From that point until approximately 2003, there were online, PDF, and hard copy versions all available at the same time. In 2003, the Antarctic Meteorite Allocation Panel (AMAP; see Sample Requests: General) decided that the hard copy version would only be sent to libraries and meteorite-related institutions, keeping the PDF and online versions available for all PIs. In 2005, the printed version was completely discontinued. Scanned versions of the early newsletters are available online, as well as the more recent web and PDF versions.