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Sample References Search

To use the sample search you must enter the three letter prefix, followed by the number - no space in between. For example, Allan Hills 84001 should be typed "ALH84001".

Reference Search Form

This page was created to serve several purposes:

  • Allow researchers to learn what has been published about samples from our collection they may be interested in studying.
  • Allow researchers to search for the publications of a specific author or scientist reporting results from meteorites in our collection.
  • Determine which meteorite samples have also been studied in association with other meteorites; e.g., search for associated samples in each reference.

This search capability will also be useful to the curation staff and committee members who may be evaluating sample requests, because the reference database is a quick way of learning what analyses or studies have been completed already.

Journals included in this compilation: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Proceedings of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, NIPR Memoirs, Antarctic Meteorite Research, Polar Science, Nature, Nature Geoscience, Science, American Mineralogist, Astrophysical Journal, Astrophysical Journal Letters, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Icarus, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Chemical Geology, Astrobiology, Journal of molecular evolution, Reviews of Geophysics, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Surveys in geophysics, Zeitschrift Naturforschung Teil A, Mineralogical Journal, Smithsonian Contributions to Earth Science, Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences (Japan), Earth, Planets and Space, Planetary and Space Science, Chemie der Erde Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology, Earth Planets and Space, Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences (Japan).

Although we feel our compilation is exhaustive, it is possible we have missed one here or there - if you discover a publication that is missing from our database, please bring it to our attention and we will add it.