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The compendium was initiated by constructing chapters about several of the HED meteorites in the US Antarctic meteorite collection. These have been characterized, processed, and analyzed over 25 years. Cecilia Satterwhite, Kathleen McBride, and Carol Schwarz all provided information and input into the chapters about these samples.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute provided funding for JG to attend LPSC in 2011, and also allowed access to library during the summer of 2009. Smithsonian Institution (Linda Welzenbach) for sending photos of Bununu. Chris Tacker (NC Museum of Natural History) for providing photos of Moore County. Duck Mittlefehldt for consultation on various issues. Tim McCoy for discussions of PCA 91007. Paul Abell for discussions relating to asteroid spectroscopy. Paul Buchanan for discussions regarding the EET paired howardites. Finally, Judy Reustle constructed the HED Meteorite Compendium webpage, and for this we are very grateful.


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