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The aim of this compendium is to relate the salient facts about the mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, geochronology, and isotopic studies of selected HED meteorites. Attempts have been made to organize each chapter the same way in the same format so that a reader can easily find sections or information he/she may need.

Effort has also been made to attribute the reported results to the original researcher, and anyone utilizing this compendium for a peer-reviewed manuscript should look up and cite the original references, not this compendium or Astromaterials Research. In this way, the researcher will get a better appreciation for the methods, error, and techniques used in various results reported in tables herein.

Additionally, a conscious effort was made to not provide or discuss interpretation except where absolutely necessary, and in the introductory chapter. The focus is on summarizing data and what is known about individual HED meteorites.


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