Appendix III: Further Information

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Lunar Meteorite Compendium
Appendix III: Further Information

  • Images of many of the abstracts and papers referred to in this Compendium are directly accessible from the Digital Library of the Astrophysical Data System (ADS). Within this abstract service, query the Astronomy and Astrophysics section by author, subject, keyword and/or meteorite name and within an augenblick you get the text of the abstract. A unique and useful feature of the ADS search engine is that you can search for abstracts similar to the first one that you obtain. References in the review papers are of Antarctic meteorites are also linked. However, figures and data table are not included.
  • Copies of the extended abstracts of the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences and of many Workshops held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute can be obtained from: Lunar and Planetary Institute 3600 Bay Area Blvd. Houston, TX 77058-1113
  • Copies of the Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter and NASA photos (in color) can be obtained from: Office of the Curator Mailcode XI2 NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX 77058 To look up sample numbers visit the Antarctic Meteorite Classification Database
  • Copies of Meteorite News and color catalogs of Antarctic Meteorites are available from: National Institute of Polar Research 9-10, Kaga 1-chome, Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173, Japan
  • Contributions to the Earth Sciences can be obtained from: Department of Mineral Sciences MRC 119 Smithsonian Institution Washington DC 20560
  • The Antarctic Search for Meteorites is located at:
  • The Meteorite Bulletin is at:
  • A brief version of the Catalogue of Meteorites (fifth edition) is found at:
  • Discoveries in Planetary Science are shared at:
  • Lunar Meteorite webpage is maintained by Randy Korotev at: