Meteorite Thin Section Set

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Meteorite Petrographic Thin Section Set

The following is a list of thin section samples. It is important to note that the samples in the various sets are not exactly the same as the ones listed here. This list represents one set of samples.

Sample Number Rock Classification
ALH 77011
Ordinary Chondrite (Unequilibrated, Type L3)
ALH 81015
Ordinary Chondrite (Equilibrated Type H5)
ALH 84028
Carbonaceous Chondrite (Type CV3)
ALH 83100
Carbonaceous Chondrite (Type CM2)
ALH 81021
Enstatite Chondrite (Type E6)
ALH 84007
Enstatite Achondrite (Aubrite)
PCA 82506
Ureilite (Olivine-Pigeonite Achondrite)
ALH 78040
Polymict eucrite (Feldspar-Pigeonite Basaltic breccia)
EET 79001
Shergottite (Feldspar-Pyroxene Basalt)
RKP 79015
Mesosiderite (Stony-Iron)
ALH 81013
Hexahedrite (Iron)
Octahedrite (Iron)