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Hayabusa Samples

Updated 2018-06-27

Sample Number Particle Size Mineral Phase Availability
Abbreviations: ap-apatatite, fld-feldspar, hpx-high calcium pyroxene, lpx-low calcium pyroxene, ol-olivine, pl-plagioclase, tr-troilite
RA-QD02-0084 100 µm ol, tr Available
RA-QD02-0124 56 µm ol, pl On Loan
RA-QD02-0126-01 41 µm lpx, tr Available
RA-QD02-0130 45 µm FeS, lpx On Loan
RA-QD02-0137 26 µm lpx, ol, pl Available
RA-QD02-0143 49 µm lpx, ol On Loan
RA-QD02-0151 87 µm ol, pl Available
RA-QD02-0155 44 µm lpx Available
RA-QD02-0192 46 µm FeS, hpx, ol, pl On Loan
RA-QD02-0193 48 µm hpx, ol, pl On Loan
RA-QD02-0195 83 µm ol, tr Available
RA-QD02-0201 58 µm hpx, ol Available
RA-QD02-0202-01 56 µm ol, pl On Loan
RA-QD02-0215 31 µm ol Available
RA-QD02-0216 38 µm Al, ol Available
RA-QD02-0248 148 µm hpx, ol, pl, tr On Loan
RB-CV-0013 99 µm hpx, lpx, ol, pl On Loan
RB-CV-0014 98 µm ol, tr Available
RB-CV-0015 46 µm ol, pl On Loan
RB-CV-0028 76 µm hpx, ol, pl Available
RB-QD04-0002 38 µm K-fld, ol, pl Available
RB-QD04-0005 34 µm hpx, pl Available
RB-QD04-0030-01 177 µm hpx, lpx, ol, pl, tr Reserved
RB-QD04-0038 53 µm lpx, ol Available
RB-QD04-0104 42 µm ol, pl Available