Hayabusa Sample Preparation

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Hayabusa Sample Preparation

The Curatorial Facility at JSC is responsible for the preparation of Hayabusa samples, within the capabilities of the Curatorial operation. Although a few particles may reach several hundred mm, most available particles will be on the order of 10 µm or smaller. JSC Curation has extensive experience in the handling and preparation of small particles, including interplanetary dust particles (IDPs) and Stardust Mission samples. However, each laboratory/instrument may have unique sample preparation requirements that go beyond the capabilities or experience of the JSC Curation facility. Investigators are strongly encouraged to consult closely with the JSC curatorial staff regarding their sample preparation requirements before submitting a sample request. The Curator may in turn refer the Investigator to others in the community having expertise in specific areas of sample preparation.

The most common types of samples made available by JSC curation include whole particles, microtome slices, and potted butts prepared from grains by microtomy.