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Specially Curated Apollo Samples

Specially Curated Apollo Samples — Associated Documents
General Information
Archivist Notebook 3: Helium Samples J.H. Allton
Archivist Notebook 4: Frozen Samples J.H. Allton
Technical Drawings — Apollo Flown Hardware
Lower Drive Tube Technical Drawings  
CVSC Technical Drawing  
SESC technical drawing D-M-40020_2-25-70  
SESC technical drawing D-M-40021_11-03-71  
SESC technical drawing D-M-40021_12-22-66  
SESC technical drawing D-M-42432_clamp assembly  
SESC technical drawing D-M-42453 seal protector  
SESC technical drawing D-M-46865 configuration dimensions  
Technical Drawings — Current Storage Hardware
Outer Vacuum Tube Technical Drawing for CVSC  
Core Sample Processing Procedures (SPP)
SPP 63 Secondary Encapsulation, Splitting and Segmenting of Lunar Cores  
SPP 70 Drive Tube Extrusion and Cross Dissection of Upper 5 MM  
SPP 71 Core Dissection: Large-Diameter Drive Tube
SPP 72 Spectral Reflectance Imaging of Lunar Core Samples  
SPP 73 Peeling and Impregnation of Cores  
SPP 79 X-Radiographing Large Diameter Drive Tube Cores  
SPP 60 Preparation of Standard 30 Micron Petrographic Thin Sections of Lunar, Meteorite and Terrestrial Samples  
SPP 133 Splitting, Polishing, and Preparation of Polished Thin Sections of Secondary Encapsulated Drive Tubes  
Image Collections
Annotated images of core equipment  
Annotated images of gas puncture device  
Pictorial of core extrusion simulation using prototypes