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Stardust Catalog Sample Information for Sample C2118,0

Information Details

Sample Number: C2118,0 Sample Status: Extracted
Alternate Name: Parent:
Sample Description: Cometary Aerogel Tile
Allocation Status: Reserved at WSF

Subsample List

Sample Description Allocation Status Generic Specific Track Grain Grid

Sample Notes

Sample Name Notes Category
C2118,0 Cell C2118 was removed from the cometary grid on May 18, 2006. The tile was transferred to the remote storage facility at White Sands, New Mexico. Processing
C2118,0 All track / features (e.g., T1) numbers assigned during the Level 3 scanning are to be considered “Temporary” and in do not relate to the “Official” track number that is assigned when a given features ... Processing
C2118,0 06-06-06 – T.H. See Removed the next sample from the cabinet (C118) and mounted in the Level 3 fixture in the same orientations as associated with Level 2. Set system up for Depth Profiles. While s ... Processing
C2118,0 C118-T1 – Carrot-shaped track located toward the front center of the tile. Angular measurement is ~3378 & 3467 µm in length for the two styluses visible; each stylus possesses a visible terminal parti ... Analysis
C2118,0 Right Front Fiducial – Not visible in the angular view but was found in the normal (i.e., 90°) view. Fiducial measure ~ 995 µm in length. Analysis
C2118,0 C118-T2 – Small, bulbous track to ward the back surface of the tile from the scope. Could not image or see well enough to measure; visible bulb portion at 20x measures ~ 160 µm in length from the angu ... Analysis
C2118,0 C118-T3 – Long narrow track with large terminal particle. Angular track measurement is on the order of 1600 to 1620 µm in length. Either the terminal particle or a reflection on the lower track measur ... Analysis
C2118,0 Rotated tile 180 degrees in an effort to get a better image of the small bulbous Track 2, This was only partially successful since the sides of the tile are very irregular causing reflections of light ... Analysis

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