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Information Details

Sample Number: C2023,0 Sample Status: Extracted
Alternate Name: Parent:
Sample Description: Cometary Aerogel Tile
Allocation Status: Reserved at WSF

Subsample List

Sample Description Allocation Status Generic Specific Track Grain Grid

Sample Notes

Sample Name Notes Category
C2023,0 Cell C2023 was removed from the cometary grid May 18, 2006. Processing
C2023,0 This tile, like C2012 has numerous small tracks in it. Processing
C2023,0 C023-T16 – Only about 80 µm in length, terminal particle visible. MTW is ~ 12 µm Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T21 – Bifurcated, small track with stylus measuring ~ 140 & ~ 160; MTW is ~ 20 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 All track / features (e.g., T1) numbers assigned during the Level 3 scanning are to be considered “Temporary” and in do not relate to the “Official” track number that is assigned when a given features ... Processing
C2023,0 C023-T12 – A little over 300 µm in length. Definitely has a small terminal particle. Several other potentially small tracks are located in the same area. Hard to tell looking through that much aerogel ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T14 – Iffy, if a track at all and not an artifact in the aerogel from the manufacturing process and molding process. Long track toward the front surface of the tile. Entrance hole is on the rollo ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T17 (Imaged in Tracks18-20) – Slightly larger track with what appears to be one of the larger terminal particles for the given track length. Track is only about 150 µm deep, but TP is at least 10 ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T18-T20 – T17 can be seen in the foreground out of focus in this image. T18 is the smallest on the right and measures ~ 110 µm in length, EH of ~ 6 µm, MTW of ~ 22 µm. T19 is the largest of the t ... Analysis
C2023,0 5-26-06 T.H. See Removed tile C023 from storage and mounted into the Level 3 fixture. Tile has a fragment loose on the top near the left end that is still attached but may fall of when the tile is ro ... Processing
C2023,0 As was the case with Tile C012, this tile has numerous small tracks. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T1 – T6 – All on left end extreme of tile. T1 & T2 – Actually, what was believed to be separate tracks are the bifurcated styli of one track whose entrance hole and most of the body lies in a fla ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T3-T6 – From left to right, TL is ~ 284, 320, & 165 µm deep. Too small or blurry for EH or MTW measurements. Small particles deep in tile. Track 6 length is only 140 µm. Terminal particle is visi ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T7 – Still further toward the back of the tile on the left side ~ 3 mm in from left end. Small, bifurcated track with terminal particles present. Track length is ~ 250 from what can be seen. MTW ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T8–T10 – T8, left is small and hardly desirable in the image; no measurements. T9 is the longest of these three tracks measuring ~ 220 µm in length with a MTW of ~ 18 µm and a particle of ~ 10 µm ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T11 – More than half way back, if not ¾ of the way. Tile is tilted at ~ 15 degrees and the Z-Axis is 10.3 mm in to the tile. Track is ~ 465 to 560 µm long depending on the location of the actual ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T13 - ~ 605 µm in length, terminal particle visible but blurry. MTW is ~ 42 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T15 - ~ 200 plus µm in length. Terminal Particle visible, actually two since the track is appears to be bifurcated. Both less than 10 µm. MTW ~ 17 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T22 - ~ 245 µm long with a MTW of ~ 16 µm. Both T21 & T22 are way toward the rear surface of the tile and are very small, but do appear to have terminal particles. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T23 – Not well defined but does appear to be a track. Only about 125 µm long and no terminal particle is visible, yet the surface above this track has that “mottled” texture to it which could be ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T24 - ~325 µm in length. MTW of ~ 14 to 15 µm. Could be bifurcated at the tip only with two terminal particles visible. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T25 - ~ 150 µm long with visible terminal particle of ~ 5 µm. EH of ~ 10 µm with MTW if ~ 19 µm. Out near front edge of tile. Shutting down for the day. Made three depth passes through this tile ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T26 – Near the back surface of the tile. Track is on the order of 220 µm in length and does appear to have a terminal particle, yet since it is so far to the rear of the sample it is hard to be s ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T27 – Approximately 170 µm in length with a MTW of ~ 25 µm. Terminal particle visible at end of track, if not two but very blurry due to the amount of aerogel that is being viewed through. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T28 – Near the center of the tile and measures ~ 275 µm in length, with an EH of ~ 10 and a MTW of ~ 26. Definite terminal particle visible, yet small. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T29 - ~ 305 µm long track with bifurcated tip on end, short stylus is ~ 294 µm. MTW is ~ 47 µm.. Terminal particles visible at the end of each terminal track. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T30 - ~173 µm in length with small terminal particle and MTW of ~ 20 µm. Located toward center of tile from front to back, probably a bit less due to the angle or tilt of the tile. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T31 - 250 to 333 µm in length with terminal particle visible on the order of 8 µm in size. Could be particle in track with real terminal particle visible at the 333 location MTW is ~ 19 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T32, possible repeat. 250µm in length. Terminal particle is visible. MTW is ~ 19 µm. I believe this to be track 31. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T33 – Smallish track not too far in to the tile from the front side or surface. Track measures ~ 105 & 110 µm in length and has two good terminal particles, both less than 5 µm in size; track cou ... Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T34 – Very small track on the order of 50 µm in length. Possible, very small terminal particle at the end. To blurry for additional measurements. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T35 – Nice track toward the front edge of the tile, ~ 360 µm in length, bifurcated with terminal particles visible and the end of the individual tracks. MTW is ~ 19 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T36 - ~ 250 µm in length with terminal particle visible at end of ~ 6 µm. MTW is ~ 18 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T37 - ~ 200 µm in length with visible terminal particle on the order < 10 µm in size. MTW is ~ 10 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T38 - ~ 175 µm length with terminal particle visible. Nice stylus out the end of the track. MTW is ~ 20 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T40 - ~100 µm track with possible small terminal particle; very blurry. MTW is only about 10 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T39 – Bulbous track with two stylus and nice terminal particles. Track measures ~ 275 & 210 µm in length. Particle on the order of 8 to 10 µm. EH is ~ 15 µm while the MTW is ~ 57 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T41 - ~ 200 µm track with nice terminal particle at the terminus or ~ 5 µm in size. MTW is ~ 15 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T42 - ~ 150 µm length track with a visible terminal particle, small on the order of ~ 5 µm. MTW is ~ 14 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T43 ~ 230 µm in length, with several particles visible scattered along the track as well as a nice terminal particle. EH appears to be ~ 6 µm with MTW of ~ 20 µm. TP is ~ 5 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T44 - ~110 µm in length with visible terminal particle. MTW is ~ 10 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T45 – Larger bulbous track with single stylus out the bottom. Terminal particle visible on the order of ~15 µm in size. EH is ~ 49 µm with MTW of ~ 182 µm. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T46 & 47 – Very small, toward the back side of the tile. System cannot get good focus due to running in to Level 3 fixture. Common image with poor focus of both tracks. No measurements. Analysis
C2023,0 C023-T48 – Largest track in tile near the right end of the tile. Track ~ 3 to 3.6 mm in length, several terminal particles visible at the end of various stylus. Track is bifurcated in to at least thre ... Analysis

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